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Hackworth happy for Edu return, changing gears to face Donovan

Photo: Earl Gardner

Thursday’s 23-player roster announcement came as a surprise as much for its timing as for who was, or was not, included in the final cut.

For the Philadelphia Union, the announcement was something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the team would see the unexpectedly early return of Maurice Edu. On the other hand, the team will now be facing a LA Galaxy side that will feature Landon Donovan.

“It’s an interesting situation,” Union head coach John Hackworth said after the announcement. “Quite frankly, we didn’t plan on Maurice being here because we didn’t think they were going to make cuts until later in the month; that was what was indicated to us.”

Hackworth said of Edu’s return, “We’re glad he is going to be with us in Los Angeles. We feel unfortunate for him that he didn’t make the 23 -– we thought he deserved that opportunity, but we welcome him back because we’re a better team with him.”

Edu will meet up with the team when it arrives in Los Angeles later on Friday. Hackworth said, “We’ll evaluate it to see how Maurice is doing both physically and mentally and then make a decision on how we proceed for Sunday.”

 Hackworth said he was both surprised that Donovan did not make the final roster, and that the Union will now be facing him on Sunday.

“The first thought when I saw it was that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t make the World Cup team,” Hackworth said. “The second thought was that I can’t believe we have to play him this weekend. I think Landon is one of the best players this country has ever known. Obviously, we’ve been preparing to play LA with him not being a part of that team and we have to change gears in a dramatic way to now plan to deal with Landon on Sunday.”

The Union face the Galaxy on Sunday at 8 pm. You can watch the game at CSN, Univision Deportes, MLS Live, MLS Direct Kick, and DirecTV, or listen to it on satellite radio at SiriusXM FC.


  1. Worse than having Donovan score 5 goals on us would be to injure him. I can’t imagine a miss timed tackle from one of our guys being the thing that knocks him out right now. The entire world will know the name of the player and the team he plays for if it happens.

  2. Mistimed tackle from the Union? Never. Corben Bone a viable midfield option for the Union? Never. Oh, wait a sec…

  3. Will the real Maurice Edu please stand up-please stand up!

    • The Black Hand says:

      Amen. Hopefully, his USMNT misfortune put a monster chip on his shoulder and he comes back with something to prove.

  4. SBnation is reporting that Michael Farfan is released and without a club because the club he was on has moved and is not longer affiliated with Cruz Azul. Wonder if the Union would be interested in bringing him home.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Saw the same thing. Would love to bring him back

    • This. Would gladly release Bone in favor of Farfan. More expensive but of starting quality, and more versatile at that.
      But I don’t think the Union could get him because of the allocation process, not unless we had something regarding this in his transfer contract.

  5. Sad if we can’t bring back Marfan. Maybe should try for Garfan so that we have an actual left back. Just more evidence of Hack’s mismanagement of roster. Tears my heart out watching MacInerny scoring goals for Montreal. Hackworth didn’t want to pay him. Cheap and stupid. Of course won’t look so cheap when no one renews their season tickets.

  6. Why we need a real manager? Lets see – Sportsnet Central reports that Bruce Arena says Landon Donovan will definitely play. Hackworth says he isn’t sure if Edu will play. I’m all for giving Hackworth enough rope to hang himself. Let him mismanage himself right on out of here.

  7. LD has something to prove: he says he earned a place with his play in USMNT camp, despite JK’s contrary assessment. Is Mo as motivated?

  8. Did u see Marlon Hairston played for Colorado yesterday? Helped set up Powers’ second goal. All our draft picks sit on bench or play out of position for HCI. Hackworth has ruined this team and needs to go now so that the new manager can assess what we have before next draft & offseason rebuilding.

  9. If we’re looking for a striker, I think N’Gog is out of contract. Get Hoppenot and Le Toux off the books and pick this guy up, assuming we can figure out a way to keep it to 3 DPs.

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