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In Pictures: Union 3-5 Revolution

PSP photographer Earl Gardner shares his look at Saturday’s loss to New England.

Photo by Earl GardnerStar Wars day at PPL Park.
Photo by Earl GardnerIs Will Ferrell under there? #StepBrothers
Photo by Earl GardnerThe national anthem.Photo by Earl GardnerStarting XI.Photo by Earl GardnerThe second game in four days as captain and CDM for Amobi Okugo.Photo by Earl GardnerFormer Union goalkeeper Brad Knighton.Photo by Earl GardnerA.J. Soars scores the first goal of the day.Photo by Earl GardnerVincent Nogueira moves the ball through the midfield.Photo by Earl GardnerRay Gaddis goes up for a header.Photo by Earl GardnerDanny Cruz passes up field.Photo by Earl GardnerAmobi clears the ball.Photo by Earl GardnerNogueira gets one back for the Union.Photo by Earl GardnerAaron Wheeler goes up in the air.Photo by Earl GardnerLeo takes the ball into the corner.Photo by Earl GardnerChaco charges up the pitch.Photo by Earl GardnerShea had enough BS from Mullins.Photo by Earl GardnerWenger unloads a shot on Knighton.
Photo by Earl GardnerNguyen makes it 1-3.Photo by Earl GardnerTierney makes it 1-4.Photo by Earl GardnerSeba came on in the 71st minute.Photo by Earl GardnerLeo makes a tackle on Nguyen.Photo by Earl GardnerHoppenot makes a move towards goal.Photo by Earl Gardner1-5.Photo by Earl GardnerLeo denied entrance into the box.Photo by Earl GardnerSheanon makes it 2-5.Photo by Earl GardnerOur frustrated Frenchman.Photo by Earl GardnerRay battles in the air.Photo by Earl GardnerMaidana will miss next match due to a red card.Photo by Earl GardnerThe River End got it’s request…Photo by Earl Zach Pfeffer made his first appearance of the season.Photo by Earl GardnerSeba nails the penalty as time runs out to make it 3-5.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. vuvuzela radio Kammersgaard says:

    earl can I buy a copy of the picture of ZP

  2. Carol Kleiman says:

    Zach Pfeffer finally got to go in and he was amazing. He changed the whole dynamics of the game. Great defending on his part. He certainly has proven he should be a steady player on the Union roster. He fans certainly have missed him and now it is his time to shine. Give him the chance he deserves.

  3. Thats Chaco at full tilt thinking to himself, “I think I can I think I can” Dude is slow.

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