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Match Report: Philadelphia Union 0-1 DC United

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

After conceding in the sixth minute, Philadelphia Union chased DC United with no success and fell 1-0 at PPL Park.

Chris Rolfe had the visitors off to a dream start when he found himself wide open in the Union box before lashing home Cristian’s deflected volley.

“It is unlucky,” Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath said after the game. “It takes a deflection on Ray, and fortunately for them it rolls to their player who has an open shot. It was early in the game and we had plenty of time to get back in it, but we did not.”

John Hackworth sacrificed his captain, Brian Carroll, at halftime in an attempt to field a more attack-minded side to search for the equalizer. While Andrew Wenger and Conor Casey forced an impressive double save from Bill Hamid in the 64th minute, the Union failed to turn their second half control into an equalizer and extended their winless streak to nine games.

The winless streak isn’t the only streak that is increasing. It has now been 370 minutes since a Union player scored a goal, the last being Sebastien Le Toux’s penalty kick tally in the 2-1 loss to New York on April 16. It is now 485 minutes since the last Union open play goal, with Andrew Wenger’s goal in the 55th minute of the 2-2 draw with Real Salt Lake on April 12. That’s eight hours and 5 minutes of soccer without a goal from open play.

“We feel like we’re a much better team than our results are showing obviously,” Union manager John Hackworth said. “But yet even when we play well, as we did at the start of the game, somehow we give up a goal on their first shot, and that’s just the way the season has gone for us. As coaches and players, our whole staff, our whole organization is definitely frustrated at this point. I don’t know how to put it any other way.”

First Half

Following last weekend’s late game capitulation in Seattle, Hackworth made three changes to his starting XI. Sebastien Le Toux, Sheanon Williams and Aaron Wheeler all took their places on the bench, with Conor Casey, Fabinho and Austin Berry returning to the lineup.

But after only six minutes, the Union found themselves behind when Rolfe grabbed his second tally of the season. With the Union’s defense collapsed into the center of the box, Davy Arnaud’s cross found DC’s marauding fullback, Cristian, with time and space at the edge of the box. As Ray Gaddis rushed to close him down, Cristian’s volley deflected off the Union right back straight to Rolfe, who had been left to run by both Fabinho and Maurice Edu. With the whole goal to look at, Rolfe made no mistake, lashing his shot past a helpless Zac MacMath, giving DC the ideal start for which they were searching on the road.

Down a goal so early, the Union looked stunned. While DC dropped off, failing to show the high pressure that has been their standard this season, the Union struggled to bring the ball forward and find Casey or Wenger in places where they could trouble DC’s defense.

The Union had a glimmer of hope in the 28th minute when a clever backheel from Casey sent Gaddis tearing down the right wing. However, his cross was claimed cleanly by Hamid with Wenger bearing down.

DC had two chances to double their advantage after just over a half an hour. First, Eddie Johnson’s break in behind the Union backline was waved back for a very tight offsides call. Then a clumsy chest trap from Berry gave Fabian Espindola time to nick the ball off of him, though he shot just wide of MacMath’s near post.

Second Half

With the Union in dire need of offense and Brian Carroll laboring with a groin injury, Danny Cruz came on at the beginning of the second half to try and add a spark. He nearly did just that minutes into the half when he launched forward through midfield and found Cristian Maidana streaking up on his right. After Cruz laid the ball into his path, Maidana laid the ball on for Wenger who was in behind. But with only Hamid to beat, Wenger’s touch let him down, and the ball caromed off his thigh into the grateful arms of the DC goalkeeper.

The Union had clearly announced their intent, and minutes later, Vincent Nogueira saw his shot from the corner of the box rifle just over the bar after Casey had laid the ball back into his path.

At the other end, Espindola again found his way behind the Union back line, but Amobi Okugo arrived just in time to put in a strong challenge, forcing the Argentine’s effort off target.

The Union quickly pressed back into the attack, winning a corner in the 59th minute. When Maidana hooked his cross to the back post, Berry was in position to mark his return to the starting lineup with an equalizer. But Bobby Boswell rose along with Berry, and his subtle flick on the ball was just enough to put off the Union center back, whose resulting chance went off frame.

The best chance for the Union came in the 64th minute when Fabinho stepped forward to pickup a loose pass out of the back. Finding Wenger at the top of the box, the striker’s deft first touch saw him spin past Jeff Parke and into the DC box. Hamid reacted quickly though and was able to save Wenger’s lunging shot before regaining his composure in time to make a sprawling stop on Casey’s follow up attempt. Cruz’s third attempt bounded away off a defender.

With DC playing only for the final whistle, the Union struggled to carve out chances. They resorted to launching crosses, which Boswell, Parke, and Hamid did well to defend.

In the final minute of regulation, the Union brought all their numbers forward for a corner, but when Hamid could only punch the cross to Cruz just outside of the box, his follow-up drive was headed over the bar by Boswell.

The Union will have to shake off their latest setback quickly, with a trip to Eastern Conference leading Sporting Kansas City on the cards for Wednesday night.

“I think we have to keep our heads up,” Maurice Edu said after Saturday’s loss. “Maybe sometimes it’s just going back to the basics and grinding results. We are a team that likes to play, but sometimes the best teams do not win the prettiest ways … sometimes it’s just a fluke goal or a set play and you just grind the rest of the game, and maybe that is what we need right now. I think as a group we need to keep our heads up, work harder and stay positive.”

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Ray Gaddis, Amobi Okugo, Austin Berry (Leo Fernandes ’84), Fabinho; Vincent Nogueira, Brian Carroll (Danny Cruz ’46), Cristian Maidana, Maurice Edu; Conor Casey (Sebastien Le Toux ’73), Andrew Wenger
Unused substitutes: Andre Blake, Sheanon Williams, Aaron Wheeler, Corben Bone

DC United
Bill Hamid; Chris Korb, Bobby Boswell, Jeff Parke, Cristian Fernandez; Lewis Neal (Alex Caskey ’75), Perry Kitchen, Davy Arnaud, Chris Rolfe; Eddie Johnson (Conor Doyle ’84), Fabian Espindola (Luis Silva ’88)
Unused substitutes: Andrew Dykstra, Nana Attakora, Steve Birnbaum, Jared Jeffrey

Scoring Summary
6′ – DCU: Rolfe (Cristian)

Discipline Summary
32′ – DCU: Kitchen (caution)
68′ – DCU: Korb (caution)
78′ – DCU: Arnaud (caution)

Referee: Geoff Gamble
Attendance: 18522

Philadelphia Union D.C. United
13 Attempts on Goal 5
4 Shots on Target 2
6 Shots off Target 3
3 Blocked Shots 0
9 Corner Kicks 2
12 Fouls 10
28 Open Play Crosses 13
4 Offsides 4
0 First Yellow Cards 3
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
44 Duels Won 50
46% Duels Won % 53%
394 Total Pass 356
79% Passing Accuracy % 78%
53.5% Possession 46.5%


  1. Bye Hack, it was nice knowing you.

    • I sincerely hope so. Only Montreal has less points in the entire league and we have played 2 more games then them. One can argue we are literally the worst team in the league where it stands right now. That said, this is no surprise as I saw this coming before the season even started. Intuitively, I think ALL of you knew as well. Optimism trumped reality but now reality has reared its ugly head.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Not much to say that hasn’t already been said in just about every postgame post this season.
    Kudos to the DC United supporters for quieting down during both the Eric Shertz testimonial video before the game as well as during the minute of silence at 20:10. They showed they are a decent group of people.

  3. Glad Hack at least was sensible enough to start Berry. But sometimes a team just needs to go in a new direction. They brought in different players and it hasn’t helped. Its time to bring in a new coach to see if anything can happen to save the season.

  4. Playing Carroll has not produced a win all season!

    • To be fair, playing without Carroll hasn’t produced much either.

      • Playing without Carroll has allowed Edu to have space and play that defensive position. With both of them in the Center mid role it is just too congested, Carroll did not defend well at all today and but honestly Edu did not do well either in all fairness, but he produces a lot more creativity and plays and can get forward when needed to. Carroll needs to go along with Hackworth.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Edu looks lazy and disinterested and it’s a shame. High hopes were placed on a player of his pedigree. I don’t know if he is having trouble with our “headless chicken” tactical approach, but he has been a letdown.

      • Edu played like shit in the first half, then in the second half he played like shit. I do not see how Brian Carroll made him play better or worse.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Carroll was actually one of their top players in the first half.

      • The Black Hand says:

        That speaks more about how, completely, ineffective we were.

      • The Chopper says:

        Agreed, Carroll did play well. He was far more effective offensively than Edu. Mo looked like crap. Hack sacrificed Carroll for more offense in the second half which was a good move, but if you rate the Union midfielder’s in the first half, Carroll comes out on top. He as actually shown well the last three weeks.

      • The Black Hand says:

        He has shown better, but the club has not. His limited abilities have factored in to that. It’s time to change our entire approach.

  5. So much troubling about this team.
    Again with the sensless dribbling and slow play. Slow. Slow. Slow. Even now from Connor Casey coming deep to receive ball and turning and dribbling. And more of the same from Ray Gaddis. Two times he allowed defender to close him down while Noguiera was wide open in an attacking position on corner of box— and Della Camera spouting off how, “that was good from Gaddis and this is the most threat from The Union yet. Please.”
    And Edu? Don’t even get me started. GO to Brazil MOE. …and yes you allowed Rolfe to jaunt right past you to the 16 yard mark, pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, calmly settle the ball and gaff a shot into the goal. You sir. Watched the whole thing in a jaunty amble as so often you do.
    As a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot– This IS the Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

    DC United 0-21 in last 21 away games. What does that say? Not only do they come into PPL and win the game. They clean sheet us too.
    One more game when Danny Cruz is the best and most hopeful player on the field. And somebody please pink slip Peter Pappas. Only one time in that entire game did he offer legitimate analysis- think it was towards end of first half when I straight razored my beard without shaving gel.
    I am done commenting on this team. I said what I needed to say. The rest is a cold waste of my natural talent to write.

    • That IS the good news of the day.

    • Andrew D says:

      Since his name was mentioned, and since so many of us are discussing wholesale change, can we PLEASE get a new play-by-play guy? I can’t bear to listen to Dellacamera … I refuse to believe he has been calling this sport for 30 years. He makes it even more difficult to watch games on TV than it already is.

      • Dellacambra is only as good as his color commentator. And at the moment the color guy isn’t very good.

    • The problem is that no one is making runs up top. If you watch highlights from the Chicago-New York shootout yesterday, you’ll see Mike McGee, Thierry Henry, and a lot of other guys on both teams making good runs to open up the defense. Our offense just passes the ball around with no one moving whatsoever. Someone has to be willing to make those runs so that our offense doesn’t get bogged down.

    • What were you watching on the goal? How can you blame a great first touch off Rolfes chest and one timing into the goal? Even if Edu hustled out of position (yes, out of position) and challenged Rolfe it was probably still a goal. Yes, Edu was out of position on that play because he was once again playing in a different tactical position: left mid. Do you think Hacks moronic tactics mess with Edu? So, to top it off, with Carroll as the LONE DM in Hacks tactics, it was Carrolls job to cover the trailing runner in the middle. Fact is this club needs a new manager, but I doubt ownership has the money to pay anyone good. Our only hope is for Sak & Co. to sell to a billionaire…Calling the comcast bros?

      • joeliejoel says:

        I recognize your point and it is valid-particularly in regards to the switching of positions again and again. The ball was deflected and bounced perfectly to Rolfe who made a nice play to score.
        My issue with Edu is it is not the first time he has been trailing close to the player about to score a goal. He either is unsure what to do and/or expecting someone else to do the closing down or man marking. I hoped/expected more from a player of his ilk. Truthfully I find his movement and runs lacking in any verve. I find this lack of verve to be evident of the whole team really.

  6. I think a new coach should use the rest of this season to evaluate our young players and instill some organization into the team’s play. Clearly we need a couple of forwards, but it seems like we need a real CAM too. Bring up Ribiero and Pfeffer and Marquez and see what we have. Play Okugo in his preferred postion. Alternate Blake and Zack to see which should be our #1. Then go out and get a CB, CAM, a couple forwards in the offseason. If Okugo doesn’t like Philly fans then let him go to Europe. The team sucks, hasn’t scored in forever, and is 1-5-5. We’re not stupid, so we boo the coach. Get over it.

    • if only okugo was keen enough to understand that we boo our own team because we are savvy and smart

      • Agreed. MLS website reports Okugo said: “It’s Philly so if they’re not booing or making negative comments, it would feel like we’re in a different city.” What city wouldn’t boo this manager and this team right now? I love Okugo, but I feel like the fans should be insulted by that comment…

      • its pretty funny to want one of our best young players to move on because he ‘insulted the fans’ by implying that he doesn’t like being booed

      • +1

      • Ahh yes. Whenever I read comments on Facebook or Philly.com I am often left in awe of the intelligence of the Philly sports fan.

      • George H says:


  7. I’m telling you Amobi Okugo is as good as gone if he continues to play CB. One day soon he’s going to get call up and display his quality in the midfield and all are going to be left to wonder why was it that Amobi played CB in Philadlephia?
    By then he will be playing in europe somewhere, likely helping a down and out club begin their rise to first division and then Europa qualification and then in about 7 years we will see Amobi as DM in the UEFA CL. And we will all say, ‘hey there’s Amobi. Good for you Amobi. Remember when he was converted to CB because we just couldn’t figure out a back four that would allow such a natural midfielder to play his best position and lead our team for 10 years to multiple MLS titles.’

  8. Nova 66-64 says:

    The front office is just as responsible for allowing the Hackworth experiment.
    The front office is responsible for this waste of talent. The mls had a great opportunity in Philadelphia and management is just not up to the task.
    Please clean house, start at the top and work your way down!

  9. Why make such a big deal about not having proper practice facilities, it’s quite clear that this team doesn’t practice. As many have said before it looks like they just met each other in the parking lot for a pick up game

    • Lol, great comment. Today they really looked like they didn’t even know each other’s names. Quite a few plays where you thought, “good pass” but the other player didn’t see it and missed the intended pass. I’m just really bummed out. A crap game.

  10. Nothing much to say at this point except We suck so much.

    Seriously what can be said at this point.

    • The Black Hand says:

      SO MUCH. It’s insidious nature makes it worse.
      Hackworth is a lost cause. If your still believing, I’m sorry. The guy NEVER had the stuff, to manage a professional club and shouldn’t have been put in this situation.
      The problem is way bigger than Hackworth! If we Sack him, we go back to ground zero. Rock and a hard place…
      I’m almost thankful that I only caught the first 45′.
      Apologies for the doom and gloom.

  11. I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t think Hackworth should be fired. Maybe just demoted back to ass man.
    It’s clear we still don’t have the playmaking/finishing players that we need to be competitive in attack. Nog and Wenger are great, but Nog is more box to box, and Wenger is more of a hold-up man than finisher.
    With the defense, of course you’re going to have some screw-ups when you can’t/don’t field the same back four consistently. Good defense, more than any other position on the field, is dependent on cohesiveness and familiarity. If you’ll recall, last year we played the same back four almost every game. The back four is the only place on the field where you don’t rotate players because they have a bad game, because having that familiarity among your players is more important than determining which CB might be slightly better than the other. That’s most likely why Hackworth kept Wheeler out there as long as he did (I’m hoping, otherwise he’s just an idiot).

  12. Here is the biggest problem on this team……MOVEMENT!!!!! no one moves on and off the ball, they either make the pass and stand still or run away from the play. Once again Nogueira gestured for ppl to open up and get into space or to give him an option. This team just stands still and expects the ball to just magically come to them. Also, Idk if it is Hackworth’s tactic or not, I’m assuming it is, to take the ball to the flank and then put the ball back into the box EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! It hasn’t worked all season. We don’t even have forwards who are remotely close to being good at putting the ball in the back of the net especially in the air. My point is every single player needs to move on and off the ball with urgency. They are so flat-footed and being “professionals”, they should truly know better. I don’t think Hack sees this as a huge problem and for that he should resign as head coach. Having said all that, The defense is horrible as well. On the first goal, when the DC player was near the side line, there were 3 Union players trying to defend the one DC player with the ball and by having 3 union players try to defend one DC player that left other DC players wide open. Basically this is not how you defend as a professional team. One Union Player should be holding the DC player out wide and keeping him at bay, The U did not do this and as a result left men open on the opposing team and it led to the DC goal. Overall, The Union need to move on and off the ball to even start generating opportunities at goal. Lastly, where does Hack get the sense of giving Casey 70mins in the game? Lets be honest, has Casey earned that much time on the field? I don’t think so. Right now more then half the players on this team haven’t earned that right.

    • I completely agree. I was ripping my hair out yesterday watching all the players just standing there while someone else was trying to find an open pass. It was even more evident when they had throw-ins and there’s one guy just standing there, and the rest of the team 50 yards away and no one moving to the ball or making a run to get open. Disgraceful.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Agree. Our club is showing very little movement, off the ball. We are becoming very easy to defend. Noguiera, Gaddis and Okugo are the only ones playing with quality…and MacMath.
      This is the tell-tale sign of a poorly managed club.
      Hackworth’s vision (whatever that might be) is not translating to the pitch. He should be sacked, BUT that will cost us this season. The talent is here now…I think. “Damn, we’re in a tight spot!”
      The defensive midfielders should have been back to support the back line, on the DC goal. Both CB’s were focusing on the pair of United players standing on the goal line. Fabinho, collapsed towards the center…poorly. Gaddis was pressing out to the right (and got a piece of the cross).Carroll was doing his nails to the left and Edu was trying to use mind control on the ball. Unacceptable from our two “DM’s”. Mind control and manicures should be crossed off the list of defensive strategies.

      • “MInd control on the ball”- so dead on. I said I wasn’t commenting anymore in my rant, but this is funny and right out of Mos Eisley scene from Star Wars,
        ‘These are not the droids you are looking for.’
        ‘These are not the droids we are looking for.’

      • +1

  13. Murphthesurf says:

    Seems like we actually could have a good team. ..but they are uninspired. ..need someone who can get them all pulling in the same direction. Nick, right the ship.
    I like John, but it is time for professional help.
    Several coaches in Europe now looking for a new gig. …
    get one.
    and a 22 year old forward.
    who is expensive, and proven.
    bc is done, Casey is winded.
    sorry, fact.
    time is wasting….you are losing the fanbase..
    or, is that the goal?

  14. I’m not too clear about the phases of grief, but I am past the anger phase and have moved on to a new apathy phase with this team. They are what they are a crappy USL level side with a few talented players and a coach who clearly has no idea how to coach. They are the reason other leagues mock the MLS

    Believe it or not, I was able to come up with one positive about the game. Maidana went the full 90 last night, so we’ll never have to hear the fitness excuse again.

    • The Kubler-Ross stages of grief are
      1. Denial
      2. Anger
      3. Bargaining
      4. Depression
      5. Acceptance
      What most people don’t know is that Union fans can go through several stages at once like an a la’ carte menu.
      I personally have a bit of 1. Anger(especially in relatin to time and money spent on this team) 3. Bargaining (“If we only had a CAM and a Striker) and 5. Acceptance (That’s sooooooooo Union)

      • Before this match I was in depression but now I am pretty solidly in acceptance. I think one more phase should be added…apathy. That will be next for me and it’s rapidly approaching.

      • Well if we are creating a unique Philadelphia Union stages of grief I think stage 2 should be scapegoating.

      • Atomic spartan says:

        Much has been said this season about the union’s insanity of attacking the same way and expecting different results. Now I think all us STH’s are the insane ones, coming to every game, expecting different results

      • That would be stage 6.

      • Philly Cheese says:

        Problem is that Hack is not moving beyond Denial stage

  15. philpill says:

    Too early in the year for Sak to clean house with the offseason investment made. Not ready to lose fans in seats for remaining home games once season is written off. Hackworth gave the hint of what’s next: transfer season! Sak & the new coach will decide when Hackworth is kicked to the FO. Now we wait.

  16. Some thoughts:

    Defense: still poor – Berry/Okugo not a good game, Fabinho got burnt on the Eddie Johnson’s should have been a goal(central defense not in good position either)
    Bright spots – Gaddis! He earned his starting spot. Fabinho did attack much better from left than Gaddis could of.

    Forwards: Got nothing, with or without Jack Mac. Casey let me down b/c he used to be a quality forward(his time may have passed). GM needs to get us a true quality forward!

    Mid: Edu playing out of position! Coaches’ fault. Should have put Leo on outside or bring in Ribiero already! Edu should play IN HIS POSITION, which means Carroll out(not that I thought Carroll had a bad game). BTW, GM/coach are the ones at fault for having 3 starting players that all excel in D-Mid position. So that means 2 of them are always playing out of position! That is a HUGE problem for this team!
    Edu and or Fabinho should have pick up the man that scored the goal.

    Subs: As much as I hate to say it, b/c I’m the biggest Cruz basher out there but, he had a good game. Did everything you would expect. Really added a spark to the offense. That makes 2 good games for him this year. I think he matched all of last year already.

    Goalie: Did just fine. Good job.

    Coach: Sorry, but not good enough. Nothing personal of course, but it is what it is. Nick has to make the change or he looks like the idiot that doesn’t know what he is doing(more so than Hack). Hack please take Cruz with you when you leave(had to throw that in there).

    Overall: Very disappointed. Feel like my choice is to support a bad team or walk away. I can’t walk away, but I lose either way right now.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Cruz has himself looking like a viable option.

      • -nickt.- says:

        which is kinda sad

      • John Ling says:

        Well, it’s possible Cruz worked on his shortcomings this offseason, and we just haven’t had a chance to see them. I didn’t see this game – and I’m going to skip the reply, based on what I’m reading here – but if he did well here that’s two matches now. He deserves a shot to keep going and see what he can do now.

  17. Great One says:

    I would love for some responsibility to be taken by Hackworth. Every game it’s “we play really well and well enough to win, I just don’t get it, things should change soon”. Also it became increasingly clear we need at least one forward. If Mo leaves,let Okugo play dmid, to see how he does and to make him a little happier.
    All I. Can say positive is, at least we didn’t sub in Hoppenot?

  18. *Yawn* Wake me when the regime has changed!

  19. In deference to the moms of the players, coaches and front office, I’ll save any criticism for tomorrow. It’s a beautiful day.

  20. No drive, no energy and a lack of good management equals our whole crap game plan. The Hackworth experiment is a fail and our front office is clueless and greedy bunch. Instead of Doop Doop it should be dull dull!

  21. Yesterday: a tale of 2 clubs. Ended 2013 comparably. 1/3 through 2014 headed in opposite directions. Why?

  22. crusty old coach says:

    Let me see…uhh….WOW! All the comments above are absotively/posilutely spot on! I can’t say it any better than what’s already been said. Lot’s going on, but, bottom line, like I said a couple weeks ago…. 47,632 midfielders in camp…no scoring/movement ability…shaky back line. I think Hack probably would like to play a 1-8-1. Ah, heck…just pick the 10 best field athletes and send them on to the pitch with no positioning. First 45m would be a train wreck, but entertaining. Maybe they’d be able to find their own way in the second half. I challenge anyone to tell me we’d play any worse than we already are. All this talent, and we still look like interlopers on the pro stage. Next week I’m going to Harrisburg or Reading. urgh….

  23. John Ling says:

    Sounds like I made the right choice to go to the MMR*B*Q instead of the match…

  24. OneManWolfpack says:

    Part of me wishes we had relegation so this team could suffer in a lower league and maybe learn how to play. They stink in all facets right now – except goalkeeper.
    To not make a trade, or fire Hack, or something right now would be disgraceful. It is time to panic. It is time to fix this or our season just ended in early May.
    Pathetic but true: This team peaked in the first game of the year and has been getting worse every game since.

    • I am more and more inclined to think maybe they really were not that good in Portland. Maybe they just got lucky and scored a gol. Maybe we were all so thirsty to see a midfield capable of passing a few times that we didn’t really see the team for what it was….dysfuction waiting on the wings…..
      I lived in Portland for awhile, had a chance to glom on to that club before this…. Damn. Portland. Beautiful city.

  25. On The Right Track says:

    So depressing! It’s not easy to be as impotent as we are. The results are the results though. I just can’t understand how we are so ineffective on offense. We have some quality players but we are seriously toothless. I can’t remember what a legit goal looks like. It’s getting crazy!

    Observations: Casey ‘still’ looks rusty. Berry inexplicably passed the ball way out of bounds at least twice maybe three times…wtf? Gaddis is a great STARTING Right Back. Hack is pressing and it’s not pretty.

  26. Serious question for anyone who knows he answer:

    Would Nogueira’s contract permit him to “opt-out” during the summer transfer window. He is obviously making more money here than France, why else would he have come, but if I’m him, I’m going back to play with professionals and leave this sad sack bunch to continue with their kick and run offense.

    • Pretty sure Nogueira’s making much less here than in France — I seem to remember reading he has an American girlfriend, and so wants to be in the States. He knew what he was getting into, coming to MLS.

  27. Serious question for anyone who knows he answer:

    Would Nogueira’s contract permit him to “opt-out” during the summer transfer window? He is obviously making more money here than France, why else would he have come, but if I’m him, I’m going back to play with professionals and leave this sad sack bunch to continue with their kick and run offense.

  28. joeliejoel says:

    “a deja vu is usually a glitch in the matrix.”

  29. If Okugo can play CB as a converted midfielder, so can Carroll. Switch them, or play 2 of Carroll, Berry, White, or Wheeler at CB. It’s time for Amobi to have a chance to influence the offensive side of the game.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Carroll lacks the physical play, needed to play CB effectively. Amobi does, as well, but nowhere near as much as Carroll.
      Completely agree, that it is time to move Okugo to the 6. We have nothing to lose and are running out of time. There is nothing keeping a talented player like Amobi Okugo interested in the future of this club. Not at CB, at least. It’s time to make him a focal point.
      Between Berry/White/Marquez/Wheeler/Ribiero/New guy, Hackworth should be able to find a pairing.

  30. soccerdad1150 says:

    Nice analysis. But what is ‘a very tight offside call’? a player is either off or he’s not. Johnson was. (BTW- it’s ‘offside’ with no ‘s’) Totally agree with the observation about Berry almost gifting a goal with that stupid chest trap. jeez.

    Maidana is the worst free kick taker ever. No more please.

    We gotta get something changed. I’m about to watch the next game from the Commodore Barry, and if it doesn’t go well……

    very frustrated with this team now.

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