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All Three Points podcast: The Quarterly Report

With nine games played, the All Three Points duo look back at the first quarter of the season and give out some grades, among other things.

First up, Chris and Jeremy review the last three games of the season:

  • New York: Red Bull Arena has great nachos. And there was a soccer game.
  • Houston: The Union record no shots on goal. At home.
  • Montreal: One bad team beats another bad team, while the weather is also bad.

After forcing their way through the treacle of those games, here are the three points:

  1. The Aaron Wheeler experiment: Does it make sense to play what amounts to a rookie center back in front of an MLS-proven starting-quality one?
  2. What’s up with the wings: Fabinho and Danny Cruz started on the wings against Montreal, which is just the latest of several ideas John Hackworth has tried out in those positions. Have any of them worked?
  3. Quarterly Report: All Three Points hands out grades to the new players … and John Hackworth.

To listen to Chris and Jeremy talk about all that and more, click play below, or click here to download the mp3 directly. We invite your comments and questions below, or via the new, much easier to remember Twitter at @all3points.

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  1. I am so sick of Hackworth being let of the hook. Best case scenario is that Sakiewicz is putting together a list of real coaches to replace him. Hopefully they will have played the game at the pro level. Hackworth’s most talented players are no longer buying into his lame hacktics. I was all for giving him this year to put this house in order and the off season moves showed promise. However, Hackworth is not a professional coach and has no in game strategic aptitude. He should have been an interim coach only. This franchise is in jeopardy of becoming irrelevant as long as Hackworth is in charge of x’s and o’s. Throwing out Danny Cruz and Antoine Hoppenot were bad enough, converting Wheeler into a “learn as you go CB” is the tip of a long list of erratic moves with regards to coaching. Hackworth needs to go. If not soon then after this season.

  2. jwlockerbie says:

    crys for the removal of macmath comes from his frequent foot n bricks reactions to shoots on goal leading to some poor goals. Still not sure what is going on with Edu player at fault or Coach’s instructions

  3. There are still players on this team who shouldn’t be here.

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