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All Three Points podcast: All things being equal

The real games have started, and the All Three Points podcast team of Chris Gibbons and Jeremy Lane is back to discuss them.

First up, Chris and Jeremy review the last three games of the season:

  • Montreal: The Union take the lead, then give it up … again.
  • Chicago: Another late draw, but this time the Union steal the point, with Zac MacMath the hero.
  • Salt Lake: Yet another draw, but against one of the league’s top teams, some positive signs.

After running through the recent games and the storylines emerging from them, the focus shifts to three points:

  1. The Jack McInerney trade: It certainly was shocking, but was it a good idea?
  2. Draws, draws, draws: Is the lack of wins worrisome, or should Union fans be glad the team is at least tough to beat?
  3. Zac MacMath: He looks like a different player, and is performing best in the big moments.

To listen to Chris and Jeremy talk about all that and more, click play below, or click here to download the mp3 directly. We invite your comments and questions below, or via the new, much easier to remember Twitter at @all3points.

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  1. Is there an rss feed for this podcast?

  2. Great stuff. You guys are hands down the best Union podcast. Perspective, credit and criticism where it’s due, no profanity-laden negative rants, no silly grass-is-greener philosophy assuming every untested player on our bench is better than our starters.

    Now you just need to get Adam Cann to cast with you regularly and start going weekly. Thanks in advance! 😉

    • Jeremy Lane says:

      Thanks! We do appreciate it. Mr. Cann is of course welcome any time. But weekly? We don’t want to burn people out, including ourselves! One can have too much of a good thing. 🙂

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