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Match Report: Philadelphia Union 2-2 Real Salt Lake

Despite allowing another goal late, the Philadelphia Union were able to come up with some last second heroics when Maurice Edu headed in Cristian Maidana’s corner kick in the 90th minute to salvage a 2-2 draw.

Salt Lake got on the board early when Austin Berry was judged to have fouled Olmes Garcia just inside the Union box. Zac MacMath, for the second week in a row, saved the penalty, this time off the foot of Alvaro Sabario. But Luke Mulholland was quickest to react and poked the rebound into the far corner of the net.

New Union signing Andrew Wenger pulled the game level early in the second half from a sensational pass from Vincent Nogueira.

But Philadelphia again conceded after the 80th minute when Javier Morales brushed aside a challenge from Berry and pulled a pass back from the endline for Kyle Beckerman to finish.

Union manager John Hackworth said after the game, “We played some good soccer throughout the game. We possessed the ball, went side to side and made them do a lot of work. Eventually that wore them down a little bit. The hard part for us was I don’t think we were really strong with our execution.”

First Half

Three changes were made to the team that drew in Chicago last week. Austin Berry replaced Aaron Wheeler at center back, and Sheanon Williams started his first game of the season at right back, pushing Ray Gaddis to the left at the expense of Fabinho. New Union signing Andrew Wenger came straight into the starting XI, preferred over Conor Casey.

RSL was on the board early when Mulholland scored in just the sixth minute. Austin Berry was whistled for a foul right on the edge of the area after winning what seemed to be a 50-50 challenge with Olmes Garcia, but referee Alan Kelly was quick to point to the spot. Zac MacMath guessed correctly on the shot, diving to his left to palm away Alvaro Saborio’s attempt, but it was Mulholland who was quickest to react to the loose ball, and the midfielder drove a shot into the far corner of the net before MacMath could regain his position.

The Union looked to respond quickly, and Andrew Wenger almost found the tying goal on 15 minutes when a smart header from Sheanon Williams saw Wenger break in behind the RSL backline. Wenger’s half volley beat Salt Lake goalkeeper Jeff Attinella but just skimmed the top of the crossbar before going out for a goal kick.

Up a goal early, RSL was happy to allow the Union to possess the ball while they sat back and absorbed pressure. Leo Fernandes headed over a half chance in the 27th minute after smart work from Williams on the right. Wenger was again involved when he took a perfectly weighted through ball from Maurice Edu on 30 minutes, but he failed to get the ball out of his feet for a shot from 10 yards.

With the PPL faithful looking for anything to cling to going into halftime, captain Brian Carroll was loudly booed when he misplayed a cross-field ball on the counterattack, a hostile display from a frustrated crowd.

Second Half

The Union looked energized after halftime and started the second half strongly.

It was Wenger, the debutant, who would bring Philadelphia level on 55 minutes.

Sheanon Williams played an inch perfect pass up the right wing to Vincent Nogueira just inside the RSL half. The Frenchman attacked with pace, picked his head up, and delivered a delightful ball from 25 yards out that just cleared Nat Borchers head to find the foot of Wenger in space. Wenger took one touch off his chest to bring the ball down and swept his shot underneath Attinella with the second touch to set off the celebrations in the River End.

Salt Lake looked to respond instantly with Javier Morales and Alvaro Saborio both having chances before the Union could find a clearance.

The Union had a penalty shout of their own just after 70 minutes. Pushing for a winner, the ball bounced to Leo Fernandes at the top of the RSL box. The second year player took a touch and looked to shoot with his second touch when it appeared that he was stepped on from behind by Luke Mulholland. But referee Kelly waved play on, perhaps due the theatricality of Fernandes’ tumble.

The solidity of Zac Mac Math was tested as the game wore on. A hard shot from Devon Sandoval was well saved in the 78th minute and the Union No. 1 was strong in the air, claiming cross after cross in safe hands.

The Union would have a good chance to go ahead on 79 minutes after 74th minute substitute Conor Casey found room on the ball at the midfield line and played 76th minute substitute Cristian Maidana into space down the left. Maidana did well to beat his man and fire in a left footed cross to the feet of Leo Fernandes, who flicked the ball on first time to the onrushing Conor Casey. However, the big man couldn’t keep his shot down and sent it well over Attinella’s goal.

In the 85th minute, Salt Lake looked to have secured all three points when the Union defense again conceded a late goal. Austin Berry was not strong enough in his challenge on Sebastian Velasquez inside the Union box, and the RSL midfielder was able to find Javier Morales on the endline. With time to pick out a pass, Morales rolled the ball back toward the penalty spot for Kyle Beckerman to sidefoot into the far corner of Zac MacMath’s goal.

But the scoring wasn’t done. It was Maurice Edu who would rescue a point for the Union. After securing a 90th minute corner kick, Maidana whipped in a quality left-footed cross from the left. Edu arrived at the penalty spot to keep his header low and into the far corner of the goal.

The Union would have another penalty shout late on when again Fernandes went down in the box, this time under the challenge of Nat Borchers. But again referee Alan Kelly waved away the claim.

When the final whistle sounded moments later, the Union were forced to settle for yet another draw, their fourth of the young season.

Philadelphia will have a quick turnaround when they travel to New Jersey on Wednesday to take on the Red Bulls.

Scoring Summary
RSL: Mulholland 6’
PHI: Wenger (Nogueira) 55’
RSL: Beckerman (Morales) 85’
PHI: Edu (Maidana) 90’

Disciplimnary Summary

Philadelphia Union
MacMath, Williams, Okugo, Berry, Gaddis, Carroll (Maidana 76’), Edu, Nogueira, Fernandes, Wenger (Hoppenot 86’), Le Toux (Casey 74’).
Substitutes not used: Holt, Wheeler, Lahoud, Bone.

Real Salt Lake
Attinella, Wingert, Beltran, Borchers, Schuler, Morales, Mulholland (Velasquez 73’), Grabavoy, Beckerman, Saborio, Garcia (Sandoval 68’).
Substitutes not used: Salcedo, Mansally, Grossman, Stertzer, Fernandez.

Philadelphia Union Real Salt Lake
13 Attempts on Goal 13
2 Shots on Target 7
5 Shots off Target 5
6 Blocked Shots 1
6 Corner Kicks 1
13 Fouls 9
21 Open Play Crosses 10
2 Offsides 2
0 First Yellow Cards 0
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
51 Duels Won 52
49% Duels Won % 50%
396 Total Pass 328
80% Passing Accuracy % 72%
54.7% Possession 45.3


  1. i feel like the union have a penchant for going down easily/theatrically and until they lose that rep those iffy penalty calls are always gonna go the other way.

    • On replay Berry levels the guy inside box. A good call, though the ref blows call in second half of Fernandez (I think) getting tripped in box. Can’t blame ref too much though, the Union are far far far from a quality team. I do like that Hackworth sent out so much offense at 75 minute- too bad they couldn’t settle the damn ball long enough to build play- oopps there goes Gaddis dribbling up field when there are 4 other players who should be moving ball up the field.

      • agreed on the berry foul.

      • No… on the first foul in the box on Leo he went down easily and theatrically and the second was a straight up dive. Oh such tarnish on Letouxs fair play award.

      • Second one was not a dive. It was incidental. I don’t mind no call on that, but the first was definitely a missed call.

  2. So much to talk about.

    The Positive: Rescued a point from the abyss.
    MacMath had a strong game
    found an identity in 2nd Half
    Sat Carroll in favor of single DM
    Noguiera is absolute class

    The negative: Dribble dribble dribble.
    Too slow in build up
    Edu a liability.

    I am thrilled they sat Carroll in favor of single DM Edu but then he was caught way up field once as if he didn’t realize with 4 other midfielders his job was now defense oriented. On the Beckerman goal, Edu could have had more game awareness. In slow motion the whole Defense is watching Morales on touchline. Poor Poor.

    In first half Union lacked any tactical initiative and zero identity. Dribble Dribble Dribble as if it was U12. Really disheartening. At one or two points Noguiera is trying to get players in to position and they are just ball watching, no movement. What is is with outside backs dribbling dribbling dribbling? Happens nowhere else in the world. If you want to dribble set up an overlap or something. Noguiera is total class on the field, and it is obvious and sad that he seemed to realize around end of first half that if they are going to have any chance at all he leterally had to be in every position on the field, which he was. Without him today The Union gets railroaded. THe need a midlfield heavy lineup with Edu or Carroll committed to DM- so they can get Noguiera the ball closer to final third so he can create in final third. On two occasions he lofts a ball in to Le Toux and Wenger, but the quality of touch isn’t there like France and nothing comes of it. I imagine parts of him are quite disappointed with the level of play from his teammates- particularly when S. Williams brushes him off in final third while standing wide open behind defense to receive throw in by Noguiera so he could instead unlesh the venerable LONG THROW, oh God, so MLS. Nogueira poor Vincent, thinking to himself, did this guy just refuse ball in space for a short throw in so he could heave it to defense at the 18?

    Moving on. I am really disappointed with Edu’s play. Not enough impact for me. For an international level player with European pedigree is goes absent for long stretches. He seems to want to push up to offensive third but then doesn’t come open, get involved. He certainly doesn’t have the final pass. He is a pivote but doesn’t play it when given the chance–gets caught up field as I mentioned earlier. That Beckerman goal falls to him. In my opinion Edu is out of position. There are 3 Union players standing right next to each other at Beckerman comes open into HUGE space.

    Very frustrating day. It got better in second half, which is good becsue I was really despondant with the lack of vigor, ideas, originality or flair. Rescued a point todayu that is all. Noguiera is class of team. Sorry for rambling. I am at work. Thats about it. Thank you.

  3. Lots of good and bad in this game. Great game from Macmath. Nogeuira shows his quality every week. Shaenon looked good again and Casey and Maidana made immediate impacts. Great to see a goal from Wenger and he looked pretty solid all game. Hacks subs were his best ever I think, just came a little late.
    The bad. The tactics from the get go, we do not need 2 DMs, if Carroll is in then Edu needs to be forward. The continued switching of the wings is mind boggling. Carroll was absolutely awful, all game. Le Toux was mindless all game and even had sub par free kicks. The coverage after the PK save was JV. Most worrisome might be the lax game from Edu.
    I would love to see a 4-4-2 next game with Casey and Maidana on for Le Toux and Carroll. This will never happen on the road so at least give it to us next Saturday at home.

  4. I thought I heard booing on one of the many bad passes and turnovers Carroll had today. I hadn’t heard that before from the fans and I think that says a lot.

    Terrible first half, but the second half was better. I think Nogueira and Maidana light up the midfield and when they work together the union look better going forward.

    Did anyone else notice Connor Casey instructing Edu to track deeper when he came in? Edu’s reaction questioned that a little bit.

    Would like to see the fullbacks switch (as some here have said) and have Williams on the left and Gaddis on the right. In their current positions really look mediocre today (except the William’s pass that started the first goal).

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Carroll was booed very loudly when he completely destroyed a counter attack by stopping and then passing across the field to no one. It was deserving of the loud boos.

  5. I’ll be honest, it was pretty embarrassing when everyone started booing Carrol when he had that terrible pass out of bounds that stopped our counter attack. Pretty classless on the crowd’s part. It was clear to everyone including I’m sure Carroll himself that it was a poor pass but to boo him is terrible. Players don’t get more confident and play better when they are booed by their own fans. Also, pretty sad how quiet it got after RSL scored their second goal. Pretty pessimistic to think the game was over then and I can’t imagine it is encouraging to the team when that happens.

    • I’m glad he got booed. Maybe that will make Hack realize to sit him. And maybe Carroll should be a man and take it upon himself and tell the coach to sit him if he knows how bad he is playing and I’m sure he knows, but maybe he’s too damn selfish to allow himself to sit. I mostly blame Hack for his stupidity or arrogance not seeing what is so obvious that Carroll is only hurting the team when hes on the field.

      • home fans shouldn’t boo their own team. a coach shouldn’t make personnel decisions because fans boo someone. carroll is not going to ask his coach to bench him because the fans at home are booing him. i have a hard time believing you actually think booing him would cause these things to happen. i’m sure it felt good to do it because so many people are frustrated with him but they shouldn’t do it because it is shitty to boo your own team when they are trying to fight back to get a win

      • “home fans shouldn’t boo their own team.”
        I call bullshit.

      • he was lucky it isn’t january there would have been snowballs being tossed at him

      • I generally like Carroll, but today was proof of what makes us nuts about him. He was playing every second or third ball either directly to an RSL player or into traffic where his teammates were having a hard time maintaining control That is not helpful, and the play that led to the booing was horrific. He played the ball into an acre of open space directly in front of me, with nobody in Union blue anywhere within thirty yards, and nobody from RSL in the neighborhood either. The only good thing about it was that it led to a throw in and wasn’t a straight to the foot turnover.

      • I’m not even trying to defend carroll; that was a miserable play on his part

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        It got to a point where I think he actually kicked the ball to the other team more than he did to his own.

      • Yea I totally agree that fans should not boo their own team but what else can you do when your coach can’t see or doesn’t have the balls to bench a player that is not producing at all in any way! Maybe Carroll was a good player at one point in his career. but he’s not fit for this team and he’s just taking up space, especially for Edu and he’s just causing problems! Its extremely frustrating when Hackworth does not see the obvious. What happened when Carroll left the field? It was obvious that the team did so much better with him off. On another note, I personally never would and didn’t boo at the game but I did clap in relief when Carroll was sent off.

      • Southside Johnny says:

        No booing? What next, vegan cheesesteaks? Philadelphians probably booed George Washington’s troops when they sucked on the battlefield. Let’s have some respect for tradition.

      • it’s beyond time ppl got something vegan up in there.

      • james lockerbie says:

        +1 exactly

      • Coaches and front offices are humans too…they certainly listen when the whole stadium boos…if they don’t they don’t sell tickets. It has an effect. Not saying the change will be immediate but if the crowd keeps throwing in their two cents, changes will be made. If Hackworth doesn’t then he might be the change. I’m in full support of Philadelphia’s inclination to take part in the decision making of their FOs…go support the Cubs if you want undying optimism.

      • clearly if i don’t think you should boo your team that means i am blindly optimistic and uncritical. also i don’t know where people are getting the idea that the technical staff are going to make personnel decisions based on whether or not the crowd boos someone when they do something wrong. they pick the players that they think will win them games. i can’t imagine a coach picking a lineup based on who he thinks the fans want to see

      • joeliejoel says:

        what is classless is singing, hey ref suck on my balls. what is frustrating is watching Carroll struggle so far this season. Either he plays FT as DM or EDU but not both.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I pay money to be a season ticket holder. As a fan and supporter I have a right to boo if it is warranted. Carroll’s play yesterday warranted it. That is the way it works when you are a professional.
        Wah! Your feelings are hurt. Get better.

      • clearly anyone is allowed to boo but it is just a shitty way to support your team

      • so is passing out of bounds or to the opposing team…

      • OneManWolfpack says:


      • +10 haha

    • Philly Cheese says:

      Perhaps booing hurts his feelings, but Carroll had no idea how to move forward with a lot of space. Looked like he was looking for back pass or cross early on which is his comfort zone. Number of give aways and timid play has to stop. He does run really fast after passing to other team…..so that is good.

    • I’m not saying the fans should boo, but to put it in context that was at least the 5th time in that game where he passed the ball out of bounds with zero pressure on him

    • If we’re being honest, the U fans have been pretty patient with the Carroll situation, and now that the team/midfield has clearly outgrown him, his inability to help move the ball forward is all the more glaring. I agree it’s not ideal to boo a Union player, especially someone with so much class, but it’s very rare that happens at PPL, and when it did yesterday, it was clearly warranted. It was one of the worst balls I’ve ever seen.
      btw, JRoll “credited” a fan heckling him for his 10th inning home run last night.

  6. First off, MacMath was great today. Easy man of the match decision. Nogueira continues to be an incredible acquisition. Wenger had a nice debut and plays strong up top. Great to see Williams back doing his thing, and nice to see Maidana impacting the game in the 2nd half after a few unspectacular showings.

    Berry clearly had a rough game, and I’m normally a BC backer, but his passing today was way off. I don’t have an issue with the crowd booing before halftime at all. In the end, happy to avoid what would have been a gut punch of a loss.

    Next weekend, would love to see a front line of Maidana, Casey, Wenger and midfield of Edu/Nogueira/Fernandes.

    • That’s exactly the lineup I had in mind. A few random points:

      1) I can see now why Hack preferred Wheeler over Berry for the Chicago game
      2) Maidana should take all corner kicks.
      3) Fernandez looks much better in the center than on the wing.
      4) Noguera is the best player Union ever had, this pass for the first goal was amazing (right in front of me in section 104)

      • That pass was right in front of me as well. I can see it over and over in my head. And Wenger’s finish was class. Is he a better player than Jack? Time will tell, but he is different. Maybe more active and physical.

      • we have only 1 quality CB (Wheeler and Berry have sucked in consecutive games) + our goalie is playing great = WHY IN THE WORLD DID WE DRAFT A GOALIE FIRST INSTEAD OF A CENTER BACK?!?!?

  7. Sheanon is now getting back to fitness he did nothing for a month so give him another game or two ok critics of him he still look good out there thought.

    • Sheanon’s legs looked dead by the end, you could tell his crosses were off due to not playing, but they got worse the more tired he got

  8. Old soccer coach says:

    Best player the Union ever had was either Faryd Mondragon for his leadership, or Carlos Valdes for leadership and game reading. Both are still in the mix to be with the Colombian national team at the World Cup this June. What other Union alumni will be there?

  9. Just, wow. The Union has apparently decided that they can play with anybody in the league. Unfortunately, that seems to mean that there will be draw after draw as they play to the level of whomever they are opposing. Three specific points: 1) On corners, playing to the near post, to the spot or some other variation would be significantly more difficult to defend than a perpetual diet of far post, inswinging service. Even I can figure out the pattern after watching thirty or so in a row. 2) A much too exciting wrapup for the game due again to the apparent impression that the game is eighty minutes long. If our boys want to play an eighty minute game, there are leagues that are available for that. I thank the stars for the salvaging goal at the end, but hate to see consecutive weeks of fighting off a last minute goal to save a point, and scoring a last minute goal to save a point each week. Guys, please, please play to the whistle. 3) When did Carroll start to play sweeper back? For large stretches of the second half, he was deeper than the defenders. I am always to see an active midfield that helps on defense, but that deep? Tough to build an attack from there. Good points: Casey with a headball that missed the correct side of the post by the slimmest of margins, and Wenger with an adrenaline rush during the first half that had the best chances of the day before his goal.

    • joeliejoel says:

      Didn’t you see — that was Steven Gerrard.

    • Let’s not forget Edu. Although I admit it wasn’t one of his best games, I blame the horrible 4-3-3 formation for that, he still managed to score an incredible goal with his header. Well done Edu keep it up!

  10. – Zac looked good, even on the set pieces
    – Williams, crosses and final third play sucked, but solid on defense
    – Berry was pretty solid aside from the early charge
    – Carroll was terrible moving the ball
    – Loved Edu’s game today. He and Nogs seemed to be much more conscious of changing the point of attacks and doing it with speed. It was great to see
    – LeToux’s service sucked and I wish he had a better first touch. It’s not fair to judge just one game, but Maidana showed something relative to LeToux.
    – I really liked Wenger’s game. Aside from the goal, he was threatening and making good runs for large portions of the game
    – Casey looks washed up. I think I would prefer to see wheeler
    – Leo is very visible and then disappears. Still, like his upside.

    • joeliejoel says:

      I am curious what about Edu’s game today you saw as a positive. Yes occasionally he moved ball sideways, but too often he was absent for hugh swaths of the game. It is one thing to meander the midfield with the casualness of say a Pirlo but on quite a few occasions when nobody else was offering, he too was standing next to a RSL player and not finding space. On multiple occasions Noguiera dismissed him all together when he was in space throughtout the build up. Then when he was given sole DM role he was caught upfield. I look forward to your analysis.

      • I liked his rile as destroyer. He won balls, kept balls, calmed play and switched fields in a timely fashion. I look for Nogs as the playmaker.

      • in light of using the words, ‘rile as destroyer,’ I conceed your point. eloquent and persuasive.

      • Typos happen my man…rough with the sarcasm. I also think Edu had a decent game. Yes he looked a little confused positionally at times and perhaps not completely in sync with Nogs but can you acknowledge the two points that he earned us with his class header? He wasn’t a liability either.

      • Rile: To irritate. No sarcasm from me. Won my respect.

      • billbergey66 says:

        Learn how to spell concede if you are going to rip someone’s typos

    • Sorry respectfully disagree about Berry . . . he had an awful game. He was at least partially responsible for the 2nd goal and over pursued on another break earlier leaving RSL a two on none. We we’re lucky they didn’t score then. His lack of pace was clear the entire day and he even got out muscled on numerous occasions. 3 or 4 rating at best

      • What I liked about Berry was his positioning to deny a possession. I tried to factor that this was his first game back. Wheels was always a hail mary. Berry seems like a higher iq guy.

      • speed kills and neither central defender (Berry or Wheeler) have natural speed, let alone the requisite quickness. It is my primariy arguing point when it comes up each week as to why Okugo has to remain a central defender.

  11. Wenger looked awesome. MacMath saved our asses again all game and thankfully Edu’s late goal salvages us a point that I didn’t think we were going to get ,so bravo Union that we “stole” that point lol. Oh and I forgot Caroll’s turnovers are getting to be embarrassing Go Union Doop

  12. 4 goals for the Union and two PK saves for ZM in the last 2 matches, not bad

    • I hope that now the Unions’s defense will have some faith in MacMath on PK’s, and crash the box to clear the ball instead of watching.

  13. I thought hackworth did a great job with his subs. First time I think he out coached the other team in game which was nice to see. All of the subs except Hoppenot did good, although Casey looked like he just woke up his first 5 minutes, lol!

    For my eyes, BC was just awful. We were joking about how every pass he completed was backwards, even if he had a man open in front of him. He was embarrassing, I booed that last play, and I’m glad I did. He deserved it, and since I pay, I deserve better!

    • I know i just posted about this earlier but this is such a crappy attitude. It was clear that Carroll was making mistakes and everyone was disappointed including I’m sure the whole team on the field. I just don’t buy the attitude of “I paid to watch it so i can react however i want!” Clearly it is true that this is a free country and you can boo if you want but its just a shitty way to try to get your team to come back from behind and maybe win. I’m just glad the team didn’t give up after the crowd decided to

      • It’s not a crappy attitude but it is demanding better. I don’t hate BC, I want him to play better, but the players need to know that crap play is unacceptable. If you go to a play and it sucks you boo, bad dinner? Complain. Same thing. I’ve seen enough people boo j-roll at phillies games, and Ryan Howard for striking out looking. Same thing.

      • i don’t buy that. there is no way any person watching or playing in that game thought carroll was doing well. don’t pretend booing your own team is anything other than a knee jerk self serving thing because it feels good to yell when you are mad. i don’t believe anyone actually believes they are helping the team to be better when they boo them

      • What is it that makes you think that booing is an attempt to help? It isn’t. Booing, especially in this instance was an attempt to show extreme displeasure with this particular miscue. An error, I might add that was just the latest in a long string of f’ups. BC is the team captain and I have resisted slamming him on this site until now but his play has simply become a joke and just because you think he and his team mates know it doesn’t mean we as fans have to smile and mindlessly cheer like some sort of supporter replicants. I cheer through the whole game, shouting encouragement and exhorting the U to do better but when a professional player and team captain stinks up the joint as obviously as BC has thus far this season I don’t think I’ve overstepped my bounds to say so. Your outlook seems better suited to T Ball leagues where nobody makes an error and everybody wins. That’s great for 6 year olds when their parents are the ones cheering but not for pros. I do not agree that simply buying a ticket gives you the right to do or say anything you want. That attitude is one of the things that I hate about a great many fans. But I’ve been to every home game since the U started playing and booing the home team is not a common reaction from this crowd. This was clearly a special circumstance. If this becomes some sort of trend then I will back you up and say that it does more harm than good but in this single instance it was deserved.

      • Bravo.

      • Last time I checked, it’s the coaches, players, and FO’s job to play better. You have it backwards, being that the fans are the consumers here.
        Booing is a way of saying the product is poor and we don’t appreciate what your selling here. Fix it.
        I wasn’t there and probably wouldn’t have booed because it’s not me, but don’t get on people for it.
        Grow up. This is PRO soccer, not your 4-year-old’s rec league.

      • i don’t go to rec league or t ball or whatever and i’m not some wide eyed newborn babe just because i think it is shitty to boo your own team

      • I would take a righteous BOO in this country for repeated offending on the field then most of the crap slung towards players of color in Europe. Boo on, as I mentioned earlier, the whole, “Hey Ref suck on my Balls!” now that is an unpardonable offense by a group of dimwits. Especially when my son, who is no where near the supporters sections asks, “dad what does suck on my balls mean?”

  14. Man, watching the highlights and seeing Casey miss that close shot followed by Beckerman hitting pretty much exactly the same opportunity was even more painful than it was in person.

    • Beckerman’s gol was a gift of terrible defense. I could have scored there- not to mention he was facing the goal. the gol casey missed had different requirements for positioning, quickness and calm. much more challenging, though I do believe he makes that 7/10. not to mention wasn’t it a weakfooted play for Casey I believe? He’s a natural righty.

  15. One other note, not edu’s best game, but we always talk about our own players and don’t give credit or perspective to the other team. I think him and beckerman were negating each other, playing a great game of cat and mouse. Anyone else think that?

  16. I don’t get why any man would want the ref to suck your balls… I think this is the biggest disappointment I hear from the SOB’s.

    I feel that Carroll needs to come out for a could games, just to see what happens without him in there, and Maidana needs to be on the field… I like a 4-3-3 with Maidana, Mo, and Vincent. I would love to see LeToux or Casey up top with Wenger, and Fernandes, but I am still not sold on Fernandes…

  17. OneManWolfpack says:

    Hack has to start a lineup with out Carroll once this week, either Wednesday or Saturday. We have to be able to see what this them can do with out him, and with two games, now is the time.
    As for the booing, as a season ticket holder, or paying customer, I feel you have the right to boo when it is warranted. Is the SOB’s “ref” chant a little over the top, sure. Carroll’s play yesterday deserved the boos he got. He’s a professional. He’ll be fine. Gimme a break with the “his feelings were hurt” crap. Get better or take a seat.
    Hack’s subs were better which is a positive.
    Berry looked rusty, which is what I hope it was, because he wasn’t very good. The PK call was an embarrassment, that early in the game, and it being borderline even inside the box at all. The ref has to be better than that. A foul… yes. A PK in the 4th minute… no.
    We have to start turnings these draws into wins. I know it’s early, and a draw vs RSL isn’t the worst thing, but these 80+ minutes goals are really hurting. Maybe earning the draw yesterday will break them out.
    Zac was fantastic. Terrible that three Union players watched the rebound get put in.
    I want a win vs the Pink Cows Wednesday night. Come on the U!

    • the berry foul is pretty clearly in the box and a foul in the box = pk. there isn’t much to it.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I’d beg to differ that is was clearly in the box. And when you look at how games are generally refereed, giving a PK that early is rare. And if you are going to give a PK that early, it should be a no doubt-about-it kind of call. I argue that that was not one of those calls.
        With that said though, there is no excuse to not help out your goalie for the second straight week that he stops the original PK, but is then expected to stop a second shot. That is unacceptable.

      • See there IS much too it. There usually is with fouls in the final third. Purpose of a PK is to address the fact that fouls occuring in the box by in large are measures to prevent a goal. So when you are that close to the edge of the box (with the line being your obvious objective aspect of the rule). It is the official’s opportunity to decide whether they want to change the face of the game with a call like that. A restart from that area is very dangerous and was deserved…a PK is essentially a goal. (but thanks Macmath).

        It’s rarely black and white. Which is the only way you can excuse the no call for Leo…he got fouled in the box…but was it a dive as well? Or perhaps was he not going to get to his next touch? It matters.

    • The same three Union players who watched Beckerman trundle into hugh space before his goal? Maybe. I’d like to rewatch.

      • Jim Presti says:

        Nobody was going to track Mulholland. He was like 5-10 yards behing Berry and Gaddis [?] and the ball landed perfectly for him to snag a rebound. Could the Union’s defenders reacted better? Sure. But part of that goal was plain luck.

  18. buzzkill_ed says:

    What does it say when ‘suck on my balls’ is the loudest chant? Maybe something about the refs themselves. Anyone who has an alternative is welcome to propose it to a capo at any time throughout a game. They’re all receptive and inclusive.

    • How about, “Are you fucking retarded? That’s not a rhetorical question, I LITERALLY want you to tell me if you’re mentally slow. ” Could they make a chant out of that?

      • Is the chant any worse than, “a rope, a tree, hang the referee” heard at sporting events all the time? I mean c’mon why is everyone calling for the SoB’s to be PC. Maybe the SoB’s should just sit down and golf clap when the U score. Your comment is 100x’s worse than the chant. You’re a disgrace.

      • maybe i am a disgrace, forgive me- football zealots tend to be zealous. here’s to dimwitted chants voicing our displeasure. ‘Hey ref, suck on my balls.’

      • Funny. I watch games the world over and seldom hear an in unison derisive cry to the referee as mentioned and as a point in fact, yes, I do find “are you fucking retarded!” to be a better chant than ‘hey ref suck on my balls. this is all opinion my friend.

      • I wasn’t arguing with you. I just have a thing for deranged sorority girls

    • the same thing it says when an opposing goal keeper kicks a goal kick, could you remind me of that one?

    • i do not mean to offend. i mean to bring a different perspective regarding the sophistication we bring to the game as viewers. I recognize the world over chanting is a part of the game. I also recognize small kids tend to be at said games and screaming, “that is a fucking lousy call,” says more about the fans displeasure than what tends to continue being said. I mean, if you are a supporter, have you then watched a home game at home on the tv or in a different section of the stadium and objectively heard what it sounds like? I have and as objectively as can be said, it is classless. The only thing that should be changed about the experience at PPL IMHO.

      • more and more addendum’s to my point. this is the last one then my case is rested.

        As evidenced by the way the game is played (no style, no rhythm, no philosophy) at the international level and MLS level and collegiate level in this country it is easy to wonder about our collective soccer IQ. It makes me cringe to hear that chant because it personifies the lack of game intelligence we have. I cannot for the life of me imagine hearing fans at Nou Camp or the bernebau doing the same thing. It lacks sophistication just like our game here stateside. there. I am done.

      • …try a chant that is sardonic and laced with sarcasm instead, tends to be much better. now I am really done. Sorry, just feel very strongly about this.

      • Currently bowing my head in praise of you, the all knowing world football God. There’s way more violence and racism throughout world football than in the US so stop looking up to those “fans”.

      • You know, the voice of a few subhumans degrading the ethnicity of someone is one thing Doop, which I pointed out in one of my posts, the patterned choreographed chanting of a supporters section is another. I am simply stating that it is in poor taste. I am certainly not an all knowing football God. I am a fan like you. We are 50 years behind the rest of the world in soccer IQ. You can see that played out in every level of the game in this country- US soccer lacks a sophistication, ideas, creativity, as evidenced by the MLS, USMNT. When we chant “hey ref, suck on my balls,” it displays that in vivid color. It is a football culture thing. Done with the conversation Doop. Obviously this is going nowhere. Enjoy the season.

  19. Eli. You’re a soccer genius. You should be the manager of the union. Literally.

    • It’s pretty awesome that Eli even gets credit for being a genius on a post that he didn’t write or comment on. Wtf? Where’s the love for the rest of us? 😉

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