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Union terminate Keon Daniel’s contract by mutual consent

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

The Philadelphia Union announced on Tuesday morning that midfielder Keon Daniel’s contract has been terminated by mutual consent.

Union head coach John Hackworth said in a statement, “We think this move is the best decision for both Keon’s career and our club. We wish him luck and thank him for his contributions to the Union.”

The Trinidad & Tobago international joined the Union in 2011 after trialing with the club in the preseason. He made 64 appearances with the Union in league play, including 46 starts, scoring two goals and four assists.

He made no appearances for the club in 2014.

In September of 2011, Daniel left the US after being called up for the Trinidad & Tobago team. He was forbidden re-entry to the US because of an expired visa, leading to the appearance of “Free Keon” messages on social media and tifo in the River End. Daniel was finally able to re-enter the US to rejoin the Union in February, 2012.



  1. Good luck, Keon. I wish you luck going forward. (Even if you only played the ball backward here.) Seriously, good luck against everybody but the Union.

  2. I do have fond memories of the “Free Keon” movement, even if many wanted him sent back to T&T in 2013. Best of luck Keon.

  3. I remember a game in 2011 when Keon was lighting up the field with his calm possession and positive play.

  4. hobosocks says:

    I wish him well. There was a lot to like about Keon, although I agree that the team has moved past him.

  5. The Chopper says:

    Keon gone. Cruz barely playing. A lot of you insisted both would still be playing big minutes this this season.

  6. Section 114. says:

    Free Keon! It means so many things, but the two we want it to mean: THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK!

  7. One final defense of Keon from me. Prior to this season he was still probably the most accurate passer of the ball and the most tidy with possession. He is definitely a niche player, but has some valuable skills. I truly hope he finds a good fit, because in the right system he could be a very solid player. GOOD LUCK KEON!
    My only question now is which player should I start blindly defending? BC? Hmmm…

  8. buzzkill_ed says:

    Best for both sides, but just a few years too late.

  9. I wish him luck. He really doesn’t seem to fit in to how this team is trying to play right now, though he’s certainly at least a decent depth option. I imagine there was a conversation along the lines of “Am I going to play?”, “Probably not much”, “Can I go then?”, “Sure”.

  10. SilverRey says:

    Hackworth mentioned that he was going to axe Keon in preseason. I was surprised to see him on the final roster.

    I think he’ll do ok though, he’s a good player and probably should have seen more minutes last year.

    Good luck Keon!

  11. It is kind of a shame because Keon had better touch and control with the ball then more than half the team. I would have liked to see him play in Carroll’s role where I think he could have been that DCM paired with Edu but of course with Hack that would never ever be considered. Yea this will probably turn out like Justin Mapp did. He will probably play really well with another team, we’ll see. I’m wondering when a player like Carroll, who in my opinion is ten times worse then Keon, will get cut also. Wait he’s our captain so that won’t happen.

    • i read people say this a lot but i dont think it would have worked. daniel does have a nice touch but he doesn’t have carroll’s workrate or ability to intercept passes. the only thing they really have in common is the tendency to pass backward

      • He’s not the worst player ive ever seen but he is not in his prime anymore and he has done more damage then improving the team (at least 3 to 4 turn overs this season). Carroll’s workrate? Did he decide to take this season off? If Daniel doesn’t fit our team then Carroll certainly doesn’t either. I do have to say though, Daniel didn’t improve his offensive game and even his defensive game to keep a place here. With the right coach and team he can have great success in this league.

  12. Best wishes to one of my daughter’s favorites.
    I was always amazed by the disconnect between his national team play and his league play. Dude scores hat tricks for his national team, and impersonates the Bermuda Triangle when on the field for us (where good attacks go to die). I have to think it’s probably a case of Hackworth using him incorrectly, for whatever reason.
    I hope he latches onto another team and does well. Except against us.

  13. Different View says:

    1 down, 1 to go! (BC)

    Keep the cuts coming Union!

  14. It’s sad but we all knew it was coming. Keon was a really cool guy. First guy to go out of his way and give away his jersey to a kid or sign extra autographs. First guy to sign my hat.

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