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Match Report: Philadelphia Union 2-2 Chicago Fire

A feverish last 10 minutes nearly saw Philadelphia Union turn a one-goal lead into a road loss, but Zac MacMath stopped a Mike Magee penalty and the follow-up effort to preserve a 2-2 scoreline.

With the Union opening slowly, Chicago controlled the first half and deservedly took the lead after 16 minutes through Magee. But Chicago’s shaky defense proved their undoing, and the Union quickly turned the tide, with Maurice Edu and Leo Fernandes each scoring before halftime.

Falling into a defensive shell, the Union absorbed pressure until the 87th minute when Juan Luis Anangono headed home to once again expose Philadelphia’s set piece frailties.

A breathless 5 minutes of stoppage time saw three legitimate penalty claims waved away before referee Chris Penso had no choice but to point to the spot after Aaron Wheeler’s desperate lunge felled Anangono in the box. Fortunately for the visitors, MacMath read Magee’s intentions and saved the day for his club.

“Clearly, Chicago threw everything they could to get back into that game,” Union head coach John Hackworth said after the game. “I’m not pleased with our team at all in the way we dealt with that. Some really silly decisions that led to the goals, and led to a penalty kick at the very end of the game, and then Zac saves us.”

He added, “It’s one of those games where you just shake your head at some of the decisions that we made.”

First Half

With Cristian Maidana working his way back from injury and Jack McInerney now a member of the Montreal Impact, John Hackworth called on Leo Fernandes and Conor Casey to fill their spots.

Chicago looked eager and prepared out of the gates, and the Union quickly called on Amobi Okugo to make an important double block on Magee and Harrison Shipp after only 7 minutes.

Chicago was fully in control of the match by the 16th minute when Ray Gaddis got caught in possession racing up the right flank. Okugo arrived to close down Quincy Amarikwa but the speedy attacker skipped over his tackle. Amarikwa looked up to find that Magee had slipped free of Wheeler’s attentions and made the simple cutback for a simpler tap-in.

Magee nearly doubled the advantage straight away when he rose over Gaddis on a corner, but he could not direct his header on target.

In the 24th minute, a powerful run from Casey saw the Union get their first chance of the match. Blowing past Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Lovel Palmer, Casey laid back for Edu, but the recently returned US international ballooned his chance over the bar.

But Edu would soon atone for his error and had the ball in the net in the 33rd minute when a quick throw-in gave Vincent Nogueira time to square up and shoot at goal. While his effort appeared to come off Hurtado’s hand, Edu wasted no time pouncing on the loose ball, powering it past Sean Johnson.

Minutes later, the Union found themselves in the lead. With Fernandes standing over a free kick in the attacking third, Okugo and Wheeler moved into the box to challenge. Okugo’s diving attempt froze Johnson just long enough for the ball to slip past the keeper untouched, landing just inside the far post.

“We work in practice all the time: Try to put the ball in between the six yard and the penalty spot,” Fernandes explained after the game. “Put the ball in dangerous areas, and good things will happen.”

Second Half

After watching Patrick Nyarko torture Fabinho for 45 minutes, Hackworth had seen enough. He brought on Sheanon Williams for his first appearance of 2014, sliding the pacy Gaddis to the left flank.

While Chicago came out and again dictated play, they struggled to find a breakthrough.

Half clearances from Okugo and Wheeler in the 65th minute nearly gifted the Fire the chance they needed, but Okugo recovered at the last minute to slide away the danger.

In the 77th minute, a sloppy turnover from Wheeler sent Chicago in with numbers, but Williams picked his spot cleverly and snuffed out the danger.

Moments later, Amarikwa proved too quick for Wheeler, but the tall defender managed to recover and get a toe in on the forward’s entry pass to Anangono.

In the 86th minute, Corben Bone, playing his first minutes for the Union, was beaten in midfield and pulled his man down, earning a yellow card for his troubles. With a chance to bring their big men forward, Anangono outjumped Gaddis on the endline, flicking his header up and over a helpless MacMath.

Encouraged by their equalizer, Chicago was quickly in on goal. The initial effort was stopped, but Gaddis and Williams deferred to each other on the clearance and Dilly Duka nearly split the pair to score the winner. When Williams’ tackle left Duka floored, Chicago protested wildly for a penalty.

At the other end, the Union fed Antoine Hoppenot, who had replaced Casey after the equalizer, was bundled to the ground by Soumare. The Union’s calls for a penalty of their own went unheeded by referee Chris Penso.

The Fire quickly raced back to the other end where Magee had an open look on the Union goal. With MacMath moving off his line, Magee pushed his effort over the bar and was left fuming when Penso did not point to the spot after Wheeler came crashing through with a late tackle as the forward delivered his shot.

But where Penso waved away the first three penalty claims, he had no choice on the fourth. As Anangono raced passed Wheeler in the dying moments of the game, the tall centerback gave up his pursuit, attempting a high-footed clearance that sent Anangono sprawling. While there was a suggestion of offsides for the Chicago forward, the foul was clear. Magee stepped up to earn his side an improbably three points.

But MacMath dove low to his right, palming away the shot at full stretch. Bouncing immediately back to his feet, the Union keeper then closed down Magee on the rebound before gratefully falling on the loose ball as the final whistle sounded.

“It was a difficult match,” MacMath said after the game. “I think the pitch was tough for both teams — hard to play on the ground, a lot of back and forth — but a game that I think we all think we deserved three points. Obviously, we were fortunate to go away with a point, but it was a game where we need to, again, go away with three points.”

The Union will look to earn three points for the first time since March 15 when they host Real Salt Lake, unbeaten and second in the Western conference as of this writing, on Saturday, April 12 (4 pm, 6abc, MLS Live, MLS Direct Kick, DirecTV).

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Ray Gaddis, Amobi Okugo, Aaron Wheeler, Fabinho (Sheanon Williams ’46); Brian Carroll, Maurice Edu, Vincent Nogueira; Sebastien Le Toux, Conor Casey (Antoine Hoppenot ’88), Leo Fernandes (Corben Bone ’78)
Unused substitutes: Andre Blake, Ethan White, Austin Berry, Michael Lahoud

Chicago Fire
Sean Johnson; Lovel Palmer, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Bakary Soumare, Greg Cochranel; Patrick Nyarko (Juan Luis Anangono ’78), Jeff Larentowicz, Matt Watson (Dilly Duka ’57), Harry Shipp (Alex ’57); Mike Magee, Quincy Amarikwa
Unused substitutes: Kyle Reynish, Patrick Ianni, Logan Pause, Benji Joya

Scoring Summary
16 – CHI: Magee (Amarikwa)
33 – PHI: Edu
39 – PHI: Fernandes
86 – CHI: Anangonó (Magee)

Discipline Summary
64 – CHI: Duka (caution)
86 – PHI: Bone (caution)

Chris Penso

Chicago Fire Philadelphia Union
19 Attempts on Goal 7
7 Shots on Target 2
6 Shots off Target 2
6 Blocked Shots 3
8 Corner Kicks 4
19 Fouls 14
21 Open Play Crosses 12
3 Offsides 3
2 First Yellow Cards 2
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
55 Duels Won 63
46% Duels Won % 53%
328 Total Pass 302
73% Passing Accuracy % 64%
52% Possession 48%


  1. Hackworth does not make the correct in game adjustments.

    • But he offsets that by not putting out proper starting line ups.

    • Torvald Coolguy says:

      I disagree this game. Williams for Fabinho was the right call. Beyond that, I’m not sure h really had the players on the bench today to really make any other subs. Corben Bone looked pretty bad out there, and unless you would have wanted him to bring on Lahoud, he really didn’t have that many choices.

      Also, I’m not sure if the decision to keep Berry on the bench was partially fitness motivated. If it was, I can forgive it. If not, I definitely think it was the wrong call.

      • I’d be inclined to believe that keeping Berry on the bench could have been fitness-related if it were not for Hackworth’s comments mid-week.
        He essentially said the biggest thing preventing Berry from playing was how well Wheeler was doing as a starter and that Berry’s fitness was near 100%.
        It’s really inexcusable from Hackworth to tinker like this. I’m all for competition within the squad, but this was the wrong move by Hackworth. He could have reinserted a healthy Berry into the lineup, which would’ve given confidence to Wheeler for filling in admirably during Berry’s injury spell.
        Instead, Hackworth pressed his luck, and the inevitable mistakes made by a newly converted CB cost the Union points. It’s now likely that Wheeler will return to the bench but under much more negative circumstances.
        It’s just another example of Hackworth’s mismanagement of this team.

      • Torvald Coolguy says:

        This could be interpreted two ways though. Maybe it’s more the case that Hackworth thought Berry could heal to 100% quicker with a game back and that Wheeler was good enough that there was no point in rushing the return.

      • It’s possible that was Hackworth’s line of thinking. Had he not brought up the fact that Berry & Williams had to earn their spots back, I would have been less upset about Wheeler getting another start.
        Either way it was a risk that didn’t pay off so hopefully we see Berry back out there against RSL.

      • John Ling says:

        Actually, I think that would’ve been a damn good spot to get Lahoud on the field. Up one goal on the road with about 12 minutes left. If that’s not where Lahoud sees minutes, why is he even on the bench?

      • It’s a good point, but it was the wingers who were gassed.

      • And I think part of that argument comes back to how bad the bench was. Going in, you have to know Casey just can’t go 90. And, I don’t think we’ve seen Leo go 90 either. And yet the bench consisted of two center-backs, one full back, and defensive mid.
        So yeah, when you hit 78 and Leo has to come out, your options are Bone or Lahoud (or play somebody out of position). That’s it – your only options for replacing Fernandes.
        Mike Lahoud is the better choice there. And to Torvald, below, Lahoud is capable of playing in a wide position for 12 minutes. He’s played fullback, so he can certainly handle being a wide mid to help close out a game.
        (And Casey should’ve been subbed off before the 88th minute, too. That’s another discussion, though.)

      • Torvald Coolguy says:

        Who would you have wanted to see him come in for though? Carroll? Nog? Bringing him in for Fernandes would have really hurt the Union’s width when we’re not all that wide to begin with.

        My guess is Lahoud was on the bench as injury cover for a CM.

  2. That wasn’t pretty…

  3. wow! that was bad.

  4. This has to fall on Hackworth yet again. The team consistently turtles up in the second half if they have the lead. If it’s Hackworth repeatedly telling them to do that, then he’s a fool. If it’s the players doing it and Hackworth isn’t doing anything about it, then he’s a weak manager. Either way it doesn’t reflect well on the manager.

    This is a talented team and a fixable problem. So fix it, Hackworth.

    • That depends on whether or not you consider Hackworth to be the fixable problem.

    • Yeah, and I really get sick of Hackworth’s post-game comments. For once, the guy should take responsibility and admit that HE should be doing better. It seems like he’s the only manager that regularly gets outcoached after halftime adjustments are made.
      He mentions “silly decisions” by the players, but yet he is the one putting in a forward in at centerback over a healthy Austin Berry. Talk about a silly decision…
      Honestly, Hackworth has shown time and time again that he is out of his depth as a gameday manager. I will give him credit for his player acquisitions, but he is simply not good enough to manage at this level.

      • Torvald Coolguy says:

        Wheeler really did not look good today. He often lost his man and was too eager physically.

      • He also forgot he was a Centerback and started dribbling the ball up the field.

      • Carlos Valdes syndrome.

      • Torvald Coolguy says:

        I only really remember one prominent instance of that, and in that case, he really didn’t have anyone forward to play it to and Edu and Carroll behind him to cover, so I was okay with that.

    • We do not have a professional coach! Our captain plays for our opponents every game and our starting CB who knows a thing or 2 about Chicago’s set piece set up is on the bench. Mind you according to the feckless impostor of a coach, our normal CB Berry was healthy enough to start. Hackworth just feels that Wheeler “the grand experiment” should start. Wheeler is a good backup and has played well but come on. Not to mention our only win of the season was without Carroll trying to help our opponents win because he didn’t play. Can’t wait for this weeks mumbling presser of tired cliches and talking points! I just want this team to stop beating themselves. However it would help if they had a coach!

  5. After 5 matches:
    Wins with Brian Carroll in lineup (4 matches): 0
    Wins w/o Brian Carroll in lineup (1 match): 1

    I am on to something here, I will be keeping track.

  6. How many times does parking the bus with a lead need to fail for this to stop? I don’t know why only the Union treats a single goal as calling for protection instead of looking for more. And the failure to address defending set pieces is getting OLD. C’mon guys, these things are as fixable, as is remembering that the game is 90 minutes and stoppage time. Let’s get this right. And, great saves by Zachary to save a draw that should never have been that close.

  7. Berry should be a no-brainer for the next match. The Wheeler experiment was always like playing with fire (pun) and today we almost got burnt.

  8. Does MacMath’s amazing PK save make up for his shoddy work on the first two goals?


    I know a lot of people are going to blame this one on Hackworth and/or Carroll, and I’m usually on that bandwagon. And maybe we were out coached today, but that’s not what lost us these two points. Both of Chicago’s goals would have been routine saves for a quality keeper. On the first goal, MacMath was on his back foot before the cross even entered the 6 yard box, and the second one should have fallen right on his head if he were positioned properly. His saves at the end were pretty, but shouldn’t negate a horrible overall performance.

    • um…what?

      • If you take the PK saves out of the equation, MacMath was 60% (3/5, saves/shot on goal) on the night. That stat alone is average at best, but then if you look on opta two of those saves came off of shots from outside the 18-yard box. The third save came from a deflection that came right to him.
        In essence, the saves he made on the penalty kick are the only real saves he made all game.

      • Did you watch the game? In what way was either goal they scored a routine save for a keeper?

      • I did watch the game, and maybe routine isn’t the right word. What I’m trying to say is that a quality keeper would have been able to save at least one, if not both of those shots. The PK saves, however, were outstanding.

      • Zach wasn’t to blame on those two goals. If you’re looking to assign blame, there are lots of options to choose from.

      • Hit pause at 5:13 on the video above. Where’s the guy is white???

      • Where he should be, guarding the near post.

      • Torvald Coolguy says:

        The first goal was Wheeler’s fault for losing Maggee, can’t see what you would have expected MacMath to do there.

      • Wait? What? Look that game was bad. Real bad. And when things go that bad people tend to hit their go to scapegoats. (mine rhymes with Bohn Backworth) But blaming Zac for those goals is INSANE. Keeping in mind the limits of the human body and that the goal keeper has at minimum 4 human beings charged with helping him keep the ball out of the net, Please tell me how he, Tim Howard or any other keeper short of those dudes in Sholin Soccer was supposed to stop those shots? For easy reference here is the video of the 2 goals.



      • Totally agree, sieve.

  9. * Union should be happy they escaped with a point.
    * Positives:
    – Z-MAC, saved a point
    – Gaddis fared better than Fabinho on the left, but not much
    – Edu as usual had some good hold up play, but he had so few options all game.
    – LeToux had a really great through pass late in the game

    * Negatives
    – Williams looked pretty bad and distribution from the back-end was awful all around.
    – Amobi had a mixed game with some poor tackles, the first of which led to a goal
    – Players were not running off the ball and their unwillingness to change the point of attack and establish width was concerning. They had about 30 minutes (last 25 of the 1st half and 5 minutes near the end) of developed play. Otherwise it was high school soccer.
    – Technical skill is really wanting aside from Noguiera.
    – Wheeler had a very mixed game. He and some great stops and clearances but his marking failed the Union a few times.
    – Why wait until the 70 or 75th minute to sub when the lineup was so clearly flawed in the second half?
    – Let’s hope Wenger can possess the ball.
    – Soumare dominated Casey.

  10. WOW!! Hopefully that is as bad as it gets. I just don’t get how this team can’t get more than a 1 goal lead. I pray that all of the regular starters will be back and ready for the RSL game. I would like to see Carroll out and Fernandez in with Wenger and Casey up front. Gaddis on the left for now with Williams on the right. But we really need a coach with pro level strategy and competent decision making ability. The Union are dropping points like trees dropping dead leaves.

    • The Hackworth Syndrome. I don’t see how he’s still the coach by July.. hopefully I’m wrong (b/c we start winning, not b/c Sac and Hack are tied at the hip).

  11. James Lockerbie says:

    After last weeks rant about taking opportunities just outside the box. I just want to Thank Vincent Nogueira !

    He took the chance and it was blocked but Edu was there for the second chance. Casey’s run in toward the far post bringing the defender along with him kept Edu on side for the goal to count.

    Now About Macmath First goal I would say was more on the back line. Second Goal What, the Duck was that! Can anyone tell me why he was on the post then inside the net before the ball got there! How the H*** can any goal keeper stop a goal if he is already standing in the Net. I think he should have remembered that from last year.

    I get Carrol isn’t all bad, but damn how crazy it is to watch a guy continually pass the ball directly to the opposing team!

    Somebody better get their poop in a group and start playing some smart soccer like weeks one and Two minus the last minute of Portland.

    Oh, yeah not the best introduction for Bone.

    Getting beat and then to commit the foul that sets up the “set piece” leading to the second goal. There were long periods of this game where it looked like a high school game. I recommend a high school practice session this week. The guys should have to spend the whole time going over set piece defending! Good do it again, good do it agian… If I were a computer guy, I would put up a link to the movie Maricale

    • MacMath’s favorite place to stand is inside the net. Second fav is hugging the post.

      • Look at where Anangano headed the ball. Zack was guarding the near post because that’s the most likely area where the ball will be headed back to.

        That fact that Anaga, Anaga, not gonna work here any more, hits a ridiculously far post looping header is nothing short of amazing. And where he headed the ball was outside the 6 yd box and almost from the end line…what are the odds of that?

        If there’s any blame to be had, it was on whoever was marking him.

      • Sorry. But your wrong.

      • There’s no right or wrong here. It’s all subjective.

  12. James Lockerbie says:

    And I should not forget to congradulate Fernandes on that free kick go pace and location took a great bounce into the net.

  13. Dear Jonh Hackworth,

    Please do not start wheeler against RSL or we will be destroyed. I love Awheel but Olmes Garcia and Alvaro Sabario are going to eat us alive. I don’t care if you bring him in later in the game to battle Sandoval but he is a liability currently against quicker players. Second, What is happening to Richie and Ethan? Are they not strong enough to get a start? Fabinho is also looking suspect on the left. He keeps lunging at attackers who are quicker then he is in hopes that the ref bails him out. I would appreciate it if you could tell him to stop that.

    I am looking forward to an upset on Saturday against RSL.

  14. Southside Johnny says:

    So how is that McInerney trade kool-ade tasting now gang? Of all the half-baked, idiotic explanations for the trade in 200+ comments, nobody considered it the first sign of desperation by an organization run by morons who thought they could simply buy a playoff team. Yes, after first repeatedly subbing the kid off when his most productive minutes were so often late in games and then whining about the lack of results, they trade the guy who certainly could have been a huge factor in this game. The “problem” with this team is still coaching! Jack was subtly thrown under the bus by a coach who could lose with a whole roster of DP’s. All the slick off-season moves and money spent in the world won’t offset idiot leadership.

    • Hack basically said he brought in Wenger b/c he fits into the high press.
      I’m all for team D and pressure, but there’s a lot more to the game, coach.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Two goals scored, for the first time in 14 games. Jack played in all 14 of those games, in which we scored 1 or none. Just sayin’.

      As for your point, I agree. We have muppets controlling this club!

  15. Very disappointing to drop two more points with a 2nd half lead (that’s 6 so far by my count).

    I can’t fault Bone on that 2nd goal. Chicago was countering and he did the smart thing by committing a tactical foul 40 yards from goal. A well organized defense shouldn’t concede from the resulting free kick.

    For me, I would have liked to see someone like Lahoud come in for Casey. I would have put LeToux up top as your defensive forward to chase the ball and let Lahoud help cover needed gaps. If your team is clearly in a defensive shell and trying to see out a one goal lead, you’re better off reinforcing your midfield than bringing on a speedy forward. I can understand Hack’s thought process, but with an inexperienced centerback and a right back who just getting back to fitness, you need to give them needed cover rather than hope to get a 3rd on the counter. We had already lost the run of play from the beginning of the 2nd half and it’s difficult to change that flow once it’s gone against you. At that point, you’re just looking to see out the storm and the best way to do that is get your 10 outfield players in a total defensive mode. Instead, the game got stretched and it almost cost us a point because of this.

    What’s concerning for me is that after this happens a few times, it becomes a real mental block for the players to believe that they can see a game out. Tough stretch coming up with RSL, NY and Houston. We’re gonna find out what this team is made off over the next couple of weeks.

    • LaHoud is not the answer. I am hoping Lahoud is gone next season with the expansion draft. The Union were lucky to get one point. What did they show anyone this game that says 3 points were deserved. Leo’s goal was a perfect pass into the box that someone like Casey or Wheeler to head into the net. I still can’t believe it wasn’t saved.
      RSL game is going to be tough. If you think one point sucks from RSL at home you haven’t watched the RSL. Be grateful for a team playing in Philly. Remember what is was like when ownership groups don’t have money like Tose and the Eagles, Carpenters and the Phillies, Anyone and the Sixers. The Flyers have a boat load of money and can’t buy a Cup. The Union are five years into being. Give it a rest and let the team grow. If you can’t pack it in and support the money teams of MLS.

      • Lahoud has specific skills to help in that situation. He’s can cover a lot of ground and is good at winning possession/ball recovery. He’s a squad player in MLS, but can be effective in a certain role.

        Regarding your last paragraph, I’m merely judging this team in the context of 2014.

  16. Great One says:

    This was just a tough game to watch, frankly we’re lucky to come away with a point. A couple of decent plays from guys but almost no one had an all around solid game. Nogueira and Mo look almost annoyed that there is nowhere to go with the ball. Casey definitely held the ball up better than Jack, but it was the same problem with no one showing up around him to receive the ball. Wheeler and Fabinho had rough nights, le toux had bad touches all over and Fernandes doesn’t look as comfortable higher up the field.
    Awesome save by Macmath, very impressive. Great placement by Leo on the free kick and credit to Nogueira and Edu for taking a shot and finishing well.
    I would love to switch to the 4-4-2 next game, we just have to find a way to keep it better up top. Hate to keep on the Carroll stuff but he really is excess in the midfield and clogs things more than he helps. Of course this means Hack needs to change his strategy, which we’ve yet to see in his time here. RSL will be dangerous, and I’d love to see us take it to them like we did with Portland, rather than shrinking back.

  17. Frustrating game. Frankly our keeper kept us in it. The fact that we escaped with a point is awesome because our play was total shit.

    • Typical MacMath: give up a crap goal, make a big save. The PK saved his job.

      • what goal was crap?

      • Second goal, where he’s hugging the post like Jack Dawson on the titanic. Then he meanders inside the net. Nobody even needed to head it in. Soumares header was going in. MacMath got beat on header from the endline.

      • That is exactly where he was supposed to be! That is where the attack is most likely to come from. Jesus.

      • james lockerbie says:

        O.k maybe he should have been on the post. the problem is he is a ball watcher then, and he wasn’t aware of where he was on the field. He walked himself straight back into the net. Good/great keepers react they jump and dive and make themselves get to the crossbar or far post to make the save. Jack just watches it go in time and time again.

      • james lockerbie says:

        Watch the blake highlights that’s an example of a goal tender able to react!

      • Macmath has one foot out of the door
        is a given.
        But if you thing Blake is gonna come off the bench and play better than Zac immediately you are delusional.

  18. What happened to our great midfield play? It was lost most of the game! I still feel a bit confused about the lineup. Was Leo in for Chaco, or was Nog playing wide? As usual, Carroll doesn’t help us control the game.
    Anybody else concerned about Okogu? We wrote off last game as a one off, then he goes and get’s burnt so easily on the play that leads to the 1st goal. Starting to look obvious he is weak as a one vs one defender. He just doesn’t look comfortable in his position. Also seems very slow out there as well. I’m feeling he just isn’t playing in his natural position. Why not bench Carroll and put Okogu in his place? Maybe Wheeler can take Okugo’s spot on D.
    Mac should have been positioned better on 2nd goal, but I give him props for his BIG TIME saves on Magee’s penalty!
    BTW, I LOVE getting rid of Jack Mc. He can not take us to a MLS Cup. Casey is twice a big a Jack, but way better technically. Should be the other way around. Casey did some great work on his 1st game back. With all that being said, I hope Hack is planning to get us a real star goal scorer ie: Devaio, Henry, Defoe, Keane, Magee, Wondolowski, etc!

    • Okugo had to run to the touch line after Gaddis gave up the ball in a bad spot. Very difficult play for any CB. And while he made a mistake last week, it was his only one of the game. He was a monster the rest of the way.

      I think you watched a different Casey than I did. I saw a slow, out of shape forward lumbering around in wide areas and midfield when he should have been up high. Had one great run on the left and one late flurry, but was largely disappointing and weak.

      • Casey did alright. But he’s not a big treat. Having Jack, if only for this game, Would have been better against Soumare and Hurtado. Instead, there was never a threat in behind.

      • A potential national player can’t get beat the way he did 2 weeks in a row. Casey created more chances in this game due to his ball skills than Jack did all season. I’d rather have a technically gifted player on my team.

      • Not sure I agree about the chances, Jack had a lot and created some… I like Casey’s game, better than Jack’s, but he would have been a better threat to get behind 2 big slow CBs. Orrrr, wait! Both on the field. But then Hack doesn’t have his 4-3-3.

      • Jack barely creates chances for himself or others due to his technical skills. But I agree that they do well together. We all saw what they can produce on the field at the same time.

      • james lockerbie says:

        Ageed on every point about Casey

  19. In case anyone was wondering, Pedro Ribiero apperently played center back for Harrisburg. ***** Hackworth.

  20. I posted in February: We will only ever be as good as MacMath, LeToux, Carroll, and Hackworth.
    MacMath is serviceable, but the other three will continue to hold us back.
    In 5 games, BC has contributed to a last minute goal by the opponent at least 3 times. How is that captain worthy?
    My lineup next week:
    Let’s see how “versatile” Wenger is. LeToux, Fabinho, Carroll, & Wheeler have played themselves off the pitch.

  21. The Chopper says:

    I’ve given Hackworth the benefit of the doubt more often than not. And while the late game lapses are frustrating, I usually have chalked them up to individual lapses more than some tactical short coming.

    However, it has become clear that Brian Carroll is a late game liability. His lack of short burst speed creates spaces that are exploited when the game is compacted in the defensive third and his subpar passing hurts attempts at possession and counter. We can debate whether he should play at all, but it is very obvious that he should not be on the field when this team is defending a lead late.

  22. There is a lot to be said for why the Union didn’t come out with a win against Chicago. If anyone saw the Portland and Seattle match on Saturday The Union need to come out and play with that kind of energy game in and game out. I don’t know what it is exactly that they come out so sluggish but they need to come out like they did against Portland in the season opener for every game.

  23. OneManWolfpack says:

    The Union are lucky to escape with a point. Forget being up 2-1 late in the game, they sucked yesterday. The Wheeler experiment Ned’s to be over if Berry is healthy.
    Carroll and Hackworth are killing this team. Next week is gonna be tough and we could really use 3 points.

  24. buzzkill_ed says:

    eek. 64% passing isn’t going to work.

  25. I’ve seen more people at Chivas matches. Pretty pathetic…

  26. should have substituted berry for casey and moved wheeler up front as a striker

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