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Union trade Jack McInerney to Montreal for Andrew Wenger

Photo: Michael Long

The Philadelphia Union announced on Friday morning that Jack McInerney has been traded to Montreal Impact.

In exchange, the Union will receive Andrew Wenger, the Lancaster, Pa., native who formerly played with Union Premier Development League affiliate Reading United.

Per league and club policy, the terms of the trade were not disclosed.

“Andrew is a young and talented attacking player who we think is a good fit with our style of play,” Union head coach John Hackworth said.

“Jack was an important member of our squad over the past four years,” Hackworth continued, “but the reality is our team has evolved and this deal puts our team in a better overall position long-term. Andrew is a Pennsylvania native that we are familiar with from his time as a youth and Reading United player and he will be a great addition to our team as both a person and a player going forward.”

PSP will have more on the news as we learn it.*


  1. I just want to make this the article with the most comments ever…
    Jack has not produced for a long time and I think Wenger will produce a lot more. But I do not think Wenger will break any records and will not get the team to the Championship in the next 4 years, as was the plan as explained to us by the FO last year.
    I wish they had signed a proper forward like Suarez.

  2. woah! second page of comments! neat but kind of annoying.

  3. The Chopper says:

    Another thing about Hack and it’s another reason why most of his players respect him, he doesn’t sell them out even after their gone. He never has gone public with all the crap Freddy Adu stirred. Simply banned Freddy from the facilities and said it was time to move on. He lives by the code it stays in the locker room.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an incident or two involving McInerney that we are unaware of that preceded this move.

  4. The Black Hand says:

    Two pages!!!!!

  5. The organization is developing a rep for trading away fan favorites. That said, we still lack a prolific striker, so tactically we are the same team. I don’t know much about Wenger, but I doubt he is the answer to our finishing woes. I was under the impression Jack may flourish with a seasoned guy he could learn from…well, now he’s got that in Di Vaio.

  6. netherprovidencepops says:

    More monies, more problems. Now let’s

  7. James Lockerbie says:

    We can enjoy watching the Players while their on our team.
    But our Hearts belong to the team! Go Union!

  8. Philly Cheese says:

    Hey…the Union picked up a forward who can sub in as a CB like he did at Duke. Oh, that’s right….we already have one of those guys. Won’t miss the hands pointing at the ground and look of disdain after missed service. Robbie Keane can get away with the attitude, but Jac Mac hasn’t earned it yet.

  9. Well, okay but we still need a quality finisher.

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