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Need help getting pumped for Saturday’s home opener? Watch this.

Photo: Woody Pase

Sure, the Philadelphia Union season started last Saturday, but we all know the season doesn’t truly get underway until the Union open at PPL Park.

The anticipation, gathering with friends to tailgate before the game, cheering on the boys in blue and gold — good times. It’s only been a four months (well, four months and 17 days, or 20 weeks, or 140 days, but whose counting), and the home opener can’t come fast enough.

Here’s a music video to help you get even more excited for the home opener against New England.

The song is “Try Again” from the local band 56MEN, and the video was made by local filmmaker Woody Pase. Full disclosure: 56MEN bass player Ian Mellanby is part of my Union season ticket group and I work with him in my day job. The video features a number of people from my season ticket group (starting with George “Lager George” Kobiella), which is based out of The 700, the Northern Liberties bar where I work on weekends, as well as several fellow PSP contributors. Filmmaker Pase and I worked together at The 700 for years.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, which I think is pretty darn cool even without all of those personal connections. It certainly gets me pumped up for the new season at PPL Park.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet for the home opener, what are you waiting for? You can do so by clicking here.

And if you happen to be in Lot A or around Section 117 on Saturday, stop on by and say hello.


  1. Man.. where can I get a pair of those DOOP gloves!

  2. what i’m waiting for is an end to the ref lockout.

  3. hey i think i saw that dude on the bus the other day

  4. great video! Thanks for sharing! I’m in Lot A and I’m in for a pair of those gloves!!


  6. OneManWolfpack says:

    Well that was awesome and I too might be making my way over to get a pair of those DOOP gloves. Well done on all accounts.
    Dammit only being Monday! Haha!

  7. Any video featuring George as it’s central character gets me pumped, but this worked especially well. Can’t wait to see you all Saturday!

  8. I am guessing the yellow bus is where to look for you guys…hope I get to ya befor the gloves are gone! Great video too! see ya at the opener!

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