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Union sign Ribeiro and Marquez, waive Kassel

Photo: Paul Rudderow

The Philadelphia Union announced on Wednesday the signings of midfielder/forward Pedro Ribeiro and defender Richie Marquez.

The announcement also stated that the team has waived midfielder/defender Matt Kassel.

Ribeiro played at Coastal Carolina and for Union affiliate Reading United before being selected 15th overall in the 2014 SuperDraft.

Marquez, selected 44th overall by the Union in this year’s draft, comes to the club from University of Redlands, the Division 3 school in southern California.

Kassel, a former New York Red Bulls Homegrown Player, signed with the Union exactly one year ago on March 5, 2013. He played 90 minutes over five appearances with the team in 2013.


  1. As much as everyone dislikes Keon Daniel, I’m happy to see him stay over Kassel. Keon adds calmness on the ball, and can play the pivot role well in Hack’s 4-3-3. Kassel really didn’t seem to add much.

  2. Too bad for Matt, but sounds like the best decision from what we’ve been hearing about Ribeiro and Marquez. Also too bad that his lasting impression on me will be a rash tackle/injury to Brek Shea in a friendly. Good luck in your next stop Matt!

  3. The Chopper says:

    Keon has a guaranteed contract. If he didn’t, he would be gone.

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    Happy with these decisions. Sucks for Kassel but I don’t think he woulda been playing much here.

  5. So, where does that leave us with respect to roster spots? If we’re full, does that mean Fred won’t latch on to start the season? Any other guys still fighting for a place on the team? TIA.

    • Cutting Kassel leaves one open roster spot and word is that Fred will be signed.

      • He will be. Hackworth made that pretty clear to us during his news conference earlier this week. He basically said it without saying it, as they have to wait for league approval.

  6. I feel bad for Kassel getting cut this late, but he was not likely to see much if any playing time; he’s probably pretty low on the depth chart in a crowded midfield, and he is simply not a viable option at right back. I’m not sure he has the quality to really catch on at this level, but maybe he can get in with another team if he gets an opportunity in his natural position. As for the other guys, can’t wait to see them play, especially Ribeiro – that beastly run in the preseason sure looked like a sign of good things to come.

  7. Great One says:

    Wish is was Keon but won’t matter much either way.

  8. Fred will be on the team this year, he will be signing a contract per him this week at the Meet and Greet. He is really happy to be back…

  9. In 1,721 minutes on the field last season, Keon registered 5 shots on goal.
    What’s the point…

    • How much of that is Keon being a bad player, and how much of that is his coach putting him in a position that doesn’t take advantage of his talents? Not at all being snarky; it’s a serious question.
      I like Keon Daniel as a player, but I also think he had a terribad year last year; I’m glad he won’t be a regular starter. But there is certainly a place for him as a roleplayer on an MLS bench. He’s calm on the ball, good in tight spaces, has a left foot, and is capable of taking set pieces. As a late game sub and spot starter (no more than four starts all year) at the wing positions, he can be an asset this year.

      • if i had to guess i would say that was keon’s decision to play so deep. i remember at least one time last year hackworth said that keon sitting deep was not by design and that he would like for him to play higher

      • The Black Hand says:

        Hackworth didn’t help Keon, last year. That said, his frequent lackadaisical play cannot be blamed on the manager. He is a good player. He just needs some intensity.

      • It seems like Daniel is kind of a headcase. With the T&T National team, there have been times when he’s been their best player, and times where he (literally) vanished. And then there was the whole ‘not allowed into America’ thing. If Hackworth can get Keon’s head right, he still could be an asset to the team.

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