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Union sign Cristian Maidana

The Philadelphia Union announced on Wednesday the signing of Cristian Maidana, the Argentine midfielder identified as a Union transfer by PSP last week.

Maidana will occupy an International and Designated Player spot on the the Union roster.

Union head coach John Hackworth said in a statement, “I was able to see Cristian play several times and I came away extremely impressed with his technical skills, creativity and one vs. one ability. After having met him personally, I felt even more confident that he was the type of person and player who can benefit our club on and off the field. We are excited that Cristian is a member of the Union.”

As reported by PSP last Thursday, Maidana, 26, most recently played for Argentinos Juniors. A left-footed attacking midfielder who has played professionally in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico and Russia, he garnered a $3.5 million transfer fee for a move to Spartak Moscow in 2008. While he would likely play left winger for the Union, he spent much of the last two years deployed as a No. 10 attacker.

Here’s a look at his highlight reel:


  1. Yay!!!

  2. HELL YEA! Let’s sign a couple more tonight!

  3. Is this a replacement of Daniel or Cruz

    • He’s a LM or CAM. Played CAM the last two years. With Carroll till playing DMid most likely replacing Daniel. Possibly Cruz if other midfielders are signed and Le Toux plays out wide.

  4. The Black Hand says:

    This is a player that fits our club’s needs…what the hell is going on here?

  5. And he is a DP too OMGGGGGGGG

  6. Southside Johnny says:

    Dare we hope for more?

  7. Will he enjoy riding the pine?

  8. james lockerbie says:

    What’s with the negativity r.n.c

  9. that’s whats up. left footed creative midfielder. good timing too by the f.o. Could get loud in the convention center tomorrow.

  10. OneManWolfpack says:

    Glad this is a done deal. I was feeling pretty crappy after the Edu stuff today. This is a good start!

  11. Good to hear. BTW, does anyone know if he speaks languages other than Spanish? The Union have pretty much dropped or loaned out all of their existing Spanish speakers.

  12. James lockerbie says:

    oops, there’s always hand signals. Great news, A guy who can take a shot or a cross from the left without having to stop and switch feet.

  13. So this could be a great pick up that we needed. Does anyone care about replacing Carroll, because if we don’t replace him as well then I feel we will still have a weak midfield especially on the defensive side. Carroll needs to go asap!!!!!!

  14. naturally he’ll be the starting rm

  15. Very happy about the prospects. I wonder if they are looking for him to fill the CAM role, and if so, is he paired with an aging BC?
    I hope everyone gives the guy some time to adjust. Remember it takes most international transfers a good year to reach their full potential. I hope to god the Union have a dedicated person to help him with the transition and don’t just throw him out into Philly on his own.

  16. soccerdad1150 says:

    OK…so he’s 26 and he’s “played professionally” in 5 countries already, and now a 6th. Unless the dude started playing when he was 15, most clubs liked how he looked, then said, oh wait, he’s not that good. Sorry boys and girls, I’m smelling a stinker here like Freddy Adu. AND we wasted a DP pick on the guy. Here’s hoping I’m dead wrong.

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