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In pictures: Navy Midshipmen 1-0 Army Black Knights

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Friday night as the Navy Midshipmen pulled out a stoppage time win against the Army Black Nights. Here’s a look at what he saw.

ANC001Sean Morgan breaks up the wing.

ANC002Joseph Greenspan (the eventual goal scorer) with a clearance out of the back.

ANC003Dave Arnold and Jason Lewis fight for the header.

ANC004The Guy Skord and Christian Ollen battle begins.

ANC005Christian Ollen settles off his chest.

ANC006Nick Dubee cutting across field.

ANC007Nick Williams breaking up the wing.

ANC008Geoff Fries looking for space.

ANC009The Skord-Ollen battle heats up.

ANC010Matthias Pecoraro rising for the header.

ANC011Gavin Snyder with the save.

ANC012The Skord-Ollen battle continues.

ANC013Alex Clark gets a little push from Geoff Fries.

ANC014Christian Clark clearing from the back.

ANC015Alex Jaroscak puts pressure on Martin Sanchez.

ANC016The Midshipmen with a sense of humor.

ANC017Winston Boldt gets down for the save.

ANC018Swarthmore native Thomas Shiba looks to split the Army line.

ANC019Christian Clark looks to slow down play.

ANC020Alex Jaroscak heads one out of trouble.

ANC021Trace Stapley gets caught from behind.

ANC022Alex Jaroscak battles Martin Sanchez.

ANC023Sam Bascom looking to turn on Alex Jaroscak and Christian Clark.

ANC024Ethan Spivack controls under pressure from Zack Davis.

ANC025Blake Busse challenges Ethan Spivack.

ANC026Zack Davis looking for a way past Joseph Chabries.

ANC027Nick Baietti looking to control.

ANC028Sean Morgan shields the ball from Blake Busse and Geoff Fries.

ANC029Martin Sanchez moving through midfield.

ANC030Nick Williams pulls away from Martin Sanchez.

ANC031Tommy Jaeger rises above Geoff Fries.

ANC032Gavin Snyder with a late save and a boot up field.

ANC034Navy wins the Army-Navy Cup.

ANC035West Point cadets supporting their team.

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. Great pics, Paul! How many were there? Could not believe that the rugby was a sellout on Saturday!

    • Thanks Guido, they announced that there was over 7,400 at the game. I thought about going to the rugby game after watching the previews at the Army-Navy game.

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