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United Soccer League results – Week 1 & 2

The 2013 season has started out with two great Sundays of action. The new teams in the league, Montgomery United and Fox Chase SC, are making their presence felt, and results point to another highly competitive season for both the Men’s and Women’s Major Divisions.

This year, the Men’s Division features Danubia SC Black 47, Montgomery United, Phoenix, Ukrainian Nationals, United German Hungarians, Vereinigung Ezgergirge, and West Chester United. In the Women’s Division are new comer Fox Chase, Philadelphia Flames, Phoenix, UGH Dragons and UGH Fury, Ukrainian Nationals, and Vereinigung Erzgebirge.

For anyone who would like to check out the action, matches are Sunday afternoons, either 12 or 2:30 pm. Many of our clubs have private fields with adjoining clubhouses where you can stop in for a meal or a pint. The schedule is posted HERE, or you can visit the league website at www.UnitedSoccerLeague.us.

Week 1 Results (Sept. 8)

Men’s Major Division

West Chester United 2-0 Danubia

West Chester- Charlie Sales, Jordan Miller, gk-Anthony Noel/Charlie Sales

Danubia- gk-Dam Knaster

Ukrainian Nationals 2-1 Phoenix SC

Ukrainians- JD Perry (2), gk-Kevin WIlliams

Phoenix- Goldberg, gk-Phelan

Vereinigung Erzgebirge 2-0 United German Hungarian

VE- Dylan Gerstenfeld, Greg Shetzer, gk-Washam

Women’s Major Division

United German Hungarian Fury 6-4 Phoenix United

Phoenix- Kelly Lane (2), Jess Williams, Sam Tantum, gk-Allison Burke

Fox Chase SC 3-1 United German Hungarian Dragons

Week 2 Results (Sept. 15)

Men’s Major Division

Ukrainian Nationals 3-0 Danubia

Ukrainians- Amarie Salmon, Ryan Sappingyon, Ethan Armstrong, gk-Kevin Williams

West Chester United 4-1 Montgomery United SA

WCU- Blaise Santangelo, Andrew Kummerer, Justin McCall, gk-Anthony Noel

Phoenix SC 4-1 Vereinigung Erzgebirge

Phoenix- Obi Lloka (3), Kamara, gk-Washam

VE- Shertzer, gk- Washam

Women’s Major Division

United German Hungarian Dragons 2-0 Ukrainian Nationals

UGH- gk-Donna Kilpatrick

Vereinigung Erzgebirge 6 – 3 Phoenix United

VE- Kaitlin Downey (4), Jill Camburn, Diedra Durkin, gk-Kelly Doxson

Philadelphia Flames SC 3-0 Fox Chase SC

Flames- Lindsey Smith (2), Ariel Cangemi, gk-Breanna Brown

                   Fox Chase- gk-Lauren Duffy

Week 3 Schedule (Sept. 22)


Phoenix United hosts Philadelphia Flames                     (Phoenix Sport Club)

UGH Fury hosts Ukrainian Nationals                              (United German Hungarians Club)


Fox Chase SC hosts VE                                                         (Fox Chase Rec Center)

West Chester United hosts Ukrainian Nationals            (Thornbury Soccer Park #4)

UGH hosts Montgomery United SA                                  (United German Hungarians Club)

VE hosts Danubia                                                                  (Vereinigung Erzgebirge Majors Field)

Directions to all fields can be found on the United League website


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