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Konopka traded to Toronto

Photo: Earl Gardner

The Philadelphia Union announced on Friday that goalkeeper Chris Konopka has been traded to Toronto FC. The Union receive a third round draft pick in the 2014 SuperDraft in return.

Philadelphia Union manager John Hackworth said in a press release announcing the trade, “We thank Chris for his contributions to our club over the past two years. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his career in Toronto.”

Konopka, a native of Toms River, NJ, joined the Union in 2012. During his time with the club he made only one league appearance, the 1-0 loss to Toronto on May 26, 2012. He last appeared for the Union in the friendly against Stoke City on July 30, 2013, playing 45 second half minutes.


  1. Since MacMath has really looked better since Nikolov came here I’m happy with giving him the clear #2 shirt and being a constant presence on the bench.

  2. I always figured Konopka must be weak in Hack’s eyes, given that Hack never seemed even a little bit interested in giving him a start when MacMath was at his worst.

  3. Once again the Union begin their draft picks as lottery tickets as a long term strategy plan.

    • I’ve been spending all my money to buy lottery tickets for my retirement on the advice of John Hack and Nick Sack, your telling me that ISN’T a good strategy? Damn, I’ve got to re-evaluate !!!

  4. …also does this mean the return of Thorne Holder?

  5. So is the MLS Pool our 3rd goalkeeper now, or is Chase Harrison still around?

    And, what are the chances we can put a Homegrown tag on Zach Steffen, and get Nikolov working with him, too?

    • I see the Steffen homegrown signing happening a couple years from now. He was given the starting spot at Maryland as a freshman so I think Philly is going to want him to take advantage of that for a couple years rather than have him come back here to sit on the bench forever

    • I could be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure a team doesn’t have access to the goalie pool unless they have three rostered goalkeepers.

  6. Paging Nick Noble, paging Nick Noble…

  7. Which Islam forward do you think we will sign??!

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