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In Pictures: Bearfight FC of Wilmington v. Upper Moreland Rebels

Bearfight FC of Wilmington had their first match as a team.  They took the field against the Upper Moreland Rebels in a 5-1 loss.

Photo by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl Gardner Photo by Earl GardnerPhoto by Earl Gardner

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. 1. Why don’t you cover real amateur soccer action in SEPA? Oh. I get it. Maybe other teams in the area should be named after supporters groups. Fuck you.

    2. Bearfight entering out of Delaware is a cop out. Pay the fee and go to USOC regionals. That’s all it takes for a DE team since no other teams enter. And yes, there are plenty of teams eligible in DE. 2 wins and you’re in. Try that shit in PA or NJ.

    • 3. No Sales Tax!
      4. All the Methamphetamines you can handle!

    • Stop trolling fuck head.

    • rabmcmlxxxvii says:

      The team wasn’t named “after” the supporters group, it was named for the supporters group who founded the team as a member owned organization.

      And I’m guessing they chose Delaware because that’s the state in which Wilmington (that’s a city) is located. Wilmington being the city that is the location of Stoney’s. Which is a pub. And is pretty much the Bearfight Brigade’s (that one is the supporters group) “home pub”.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Commitment, you might want to look beyond the one post that you object to to what PSP has actually done before making such pronouncements. We are a site of volunteer writers and photographers and naturally we are unable to cover everything that we would like to cover. Nevertheless, since we began in 2009, we have published approximately 200 posts on local “real amateur soccer action.” This includes youth soccer, high school soccer and college soccer, league play, and area PDL teams Reading United and Ocean City Nor’easters, not to mention scores of posts on local soccer history. Would we like to have more coverage? Of course we would and we’re always looking for new volunteers. However, we do tend to avoid writers that tell readers to fuck themselves. Thank you for reading PSP.

    • All I heard was waaaaaaaaaaa

  2. so covering this has nothing to do with the fact that a player with 23 caps for the United States National Team was on the field? Or is that true with every amateur team.

  3. Do some research on other amateur teams and you’ll find several players with pro experience and caps.

  4. And Bearfight isn’t the only team worth covering. Lots of talent out there but folks have a hard on for them. Try the Ethnic clubs that have tons of history in the area. Clubs that have won countless trophies at the local, regional and national level.

    • Why don’t you relax and try and do something positive. I’m sure that PSP would love to put things out about the other amateur teams in the area. Maybe instead of comments like you have made – you can even talk to the PSP people and become a writer on the amateur teams you think should get stories written about them. I know that PSP have been very generous in putting stories about Camden Youth Soccer Club on their site – does the fact that they don’t do it for every single youth club mean they shouldn’t do it for us either? You really have went way OTT on your comments on this page.

    • Hard on? This was the first game, genius.

    • You want to cover the rest of the clubs for the site? Awesome. Drop everything and volunteer. Otherwise, keep quiet. If you don’t like the coverage, don’t read the article and don’t read the site.

  5. Or he could do what he wants since its his camera and photo essay and you can take your own photos and put them on your own website. The Internet is designed to cater to only you. Cool stuff Earl and PSP, keep up the good work and post what you like, some people are actually happy with the content.

  6. I’m quite happy that PSP chooses not to cover my amatuer over 35 matches. It would set soccer in this country back 30 years. Continue to ignore us PSP and I will continue to read the page!

  7. The special treatment of this team goes past this website. As someone who reached out to intercounty about fielding a team who would play road games for the first season I can tell you I was quickly shut down and turned away until I secured a field. Now with that being said maybe this will force psp hand to cover the ICSL and United league a little more since they are the top amateur leagues in the area. PSP can now use this interest in amateur soccer with this team ( who to be fair, based on result yesterday is a long way away from being a top team) to show people what the other local clubs with history and roots that predate the union are up too.

    • I am not saying psp hasn’t looked back on the local clubs because they have. They have mentioned my clubs past several times, but now may be the time to move forward and talk about the present with these clubs.

  8. SMT7-

    I would like to give you a little background. We approached Intercounty on the recommendation of the USASA. We spoke with them about joining without mention of any players on our roster. They voted on us joining and we were passed 4-2. We agreed to play all our matches on the Intercounty approved fields, and revisit the idea of playing Intercounty matches in Wilmington in 2014.

    We got no special treatment in this process. Maybe we just reached out at the right time.

    As far as media coverage, we are humbled and honored by the support we have gotten from the local Philadelphia soccer media outlets, as well as the support of the local soccer community. All we have asked is that if you believe in us, we’d love to have you out to support this club, if you do not, we will not be offended.

    If we can help in any way to get your club into Intercounty, or any other league, feel free to reach out to us,, or

    Our goal is not just about our club, but to grow soccer in City of Wilmington, the state of Delaware, and the entire Delaware Valley.

    Thank you.
    Jeremy Sharpe
    Bearfight FC

  9. Really good action shots. I liked the PK angle the best

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