Postgame video and quotesheet: Union 0-0 Impact

Photo and video: Daniel Gajdamowicz

John Hackworth’s postgame press conference

Locker room interviews with Ray Gaddis, Antoine Hoppenot, Zac MacMath and Sheanon Williams

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

John Hackworth

On getting the tie versus the win

“Yeah it certainly was a little disappointing not to get the three points. We executed our game plan and got the chances and didn’t put them in the back of the net — that happens. But overall played a good game. Montreal is a very attack oriented team and are a dangerous team. It’s disappointing but you have to take it in stride.”

On whether they were being conservative on defense

“A little bit, but if you watch Montreal all year long they go on the road and they definitely  emphasize, at least this week, trying to get points on the road. We played them in the pre-season. So we’ve seen how organized and disciplined they can be, and I thought they were tonight. That said I think we created a couple chances we did and we opened them up to a point that we unfortunately didn’t score.”

On Sheanon and Ray’s defensive performance

“Both Sheanon and Ray were really good tonight. I didn’t get a chance to look at the shots, but I think we limited the number of opportunities that Montreal had significantly. So those guys were excellent. Our whole defense. Jeff Parke was really good organizing it tonight, Fabinho was really good. Zac was good. So team effort defensively that was accomplished.”

On earning a shutout

“It was more important that we get the win. Certainly we thought that the longer that game went 0-0, the greater chance we would have of getting one.”

On creating chances

“Honestly I thought we created some really good chances in the first half and the second half, and I honestly think if a team is creating chances it’s the hardest thing to do in this sport is to score a goal. As long as we’re creating them I know they’re going to come. We did that in both halves. They were really good defensively too. Got to give Montreal a lot of credit, Troy Perkins made a great save on Sebastien. In the first half there was lots of back and cross. Defenders were throwing themselves in front of the goal and blocking stuff. So credit to them as well.”

Bringing on Kleberson versus other players

“Specifically, when a team is really kind of on the ropes and the game’s opened up, and you think that with 20 minutes to play Kleberson could come on and really have an impact.”

Ray Gaddis

On playing right back

You just gotta stay ready for whenever the coach puts you in a different position. It was no different you just have to go out and play. I am right footed so of course I feel more comfortable but I am just happy that we got another shutout—Zac got another shutout. The defense, we played collectively from the top, from Conor Casey and Jack McInerney all the way back to Zac we played collectively good defense, that is a positive to take out of the game.”

On limiting Montreal to one shot on goal

“As a defensive unit we don’t necessarily get enough credit, but we are okay with that. Sometimes those games happen and we’re glad it happened when it did rather than when it could virtually hurt us in the last couple games. But we always respond well as a team, we bounced back with a shutout at home.”

On his injury

It was good on the Athletic training staff and the coaches just monitoring me each and every day. I tried to do more and more and they did a great job of monitoring me to get back. They wanted me to get back quickly but take my time and get back the right way.”

Brian Carroll

On Montreal’s performance tonight

“Every team tends to play a little bit differently away opposed to at home. Maybe they put a little bit of extra effort in that game and just a little bit heavier traveling down here—who really knows. But we had a little bit of the better play and on a different night if there keeper doesn’t come up with those saves, we are winning this game.”

Sheanon Williams

“We had the better chances. We could have snuck that one away with them but we got to take what we can and move forward. We’ve got another game next Sunday (against San Jose), a long road trip, and something that we need to get points out of.”

On the importance of keeping Marco Di Vaio

“I guess it’s a good warm up for San Jose. It’s hard to keep him under wraps, he has shown all year that he can score goals at any point and he is really just looking for one chance. The one that he was offsides he buried it so luckily he was offsides and I think other than that the defense did a good job limiting their chances, Zac made a good save. It was a good effort all around and we need to continue that.”

Montreal Impact postgame quotes

Assistant coach Mauro Biello

“In our last five games we allowed goals and we wanted to come back and get a clean sheet, secure the midfield and keep a good shape. It was a good game, I have to give credit to the players, they had a great shape. In the second half, other than the shot from McInerney they did not have much. But in the end we both managed to tie the game and head home with an important point.

“Now it’s about us getting better defensively special when we are on the road.”

Patrice Bernier

“It was a tough game, they needed the three points and we managed to fly home with a point. It wasn’t a great game but we were very solid defensively. We created chances and like I said we are leaving with an important point. Our goal is to get better when we play away and we have shown that we can be a very difficult team to face.”


  1. WilkersonMcLaser says:

    Sorry, but what does Jack have to do to get a shot at 90 minutes? I recall several of his goals coming in at the last ten minutes or even stoppage time.
    Props to the makeshift backline. Also, Keon played serviceably for the first half before collapsing into his customary obscurity. But he’ll never be pulled from the pitch. Cuz possession.

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