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In Pictures: Union 0-0 Red Bulls

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Saturday night as the Philadelphia Union took on the New York Red Bulls in an exciting but scoreless 0-0 tie. Here’s a look at what he saw.

RB001Getting ready for the start of the game at Red Bull Arena.

RB002It’s either a French thing or he heard the Sons of Ben on the second level.

RB003Zac MacMath had to make some early hard saves.

RB004Jack McInerney driving up field shadowed by Tim Cahill.

RB005McInerney steals the ball from Dax McCarty.

RB006Brian Carroll with a solid game.

RB007Sebastien Le Toux gets an extra push from Markus Holgersson.

RB008Jeff Parke powers one up field.

RB009Henry knew that was a bad free kick as soon as he hit it.

RB010Amobi Okugo gathers.

RB011MacMath gets to the ball as Henry tries to go through Parke.

RB012Okugo has Henry covered.

RB013Fabinho races Fabian Espindola for the ball.

RB014Henry gets off a centering pass just as Okugo arrives.

RB015Conor Casey has a go at goal…

RB016…Then helps out on the other end.

RB017Danny Cruz battles for position with Jonny Steele.

RB018Parke contains Espindola.

RB019Carroll looks to move up field.

RB020Keon Daniel settles under pressure from Tim Cahill.

RB021Sheanon Williams searches for an outlet.

RB022Casey looks to take the ball off Steele.

RB023Williams hits one towards goal…

RB024…but Luis Robles get there before Casey.

RB025Fabinho sends in a cross.

RB026Robles punches one out of danger.

RB027Cruz goes down hard.

RB028MacMath was aggressive alert to danger.

RB029Fabinho moves the ball into open space.

RB030Le Toux’s strike rocked the crossbar.

RB031Antoine Hoppenot battles Jamison Olave.

RB032McCarty does jumping jacks as Michael Farfan feeds the wing.

RB033Hoppenot just couldn’t get the angle right.

RB034Le Toux knocks one into the middle.

RB035Farfan with an athletic volley up field.

RB036Hoppenot finds space in stoppage time for another strike.

RB037Brandon Barklage with a late header that ended up in the arms of MacMath.

RB038Aaron Wheeler tracks down a pass up the wing.

RB039Le Toux thanking the Sons of Ben for making the trip up I-95.

RB040And even a Red Bull fan wanted to thank them.

RB041At least this pitch invader kept his clothes on as he ran away from security.

RB042After the game the Red Bulls had a nice firework display.

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. Great picture of the save on Hoppenot. You can see Casey’s leg and foot arriving. Had Robles slowed down the ball more, or had Hoppenot passed to Casey then it would have been a goal.

  2. More great shots Paul! This segment is really one of my favorites. Keep snappin the good stuff!

    • Thank you Montag, it’s always nice to get feedback. Let me know if there is any particular kind of shot you like more than others.

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