Postgame videos and quotesheet: Union 0-2 Stoke

Photo and video: Daniel Gajdamowicz

John Hackworth’s postgame press conference

Postgame locker room interviews with Ray Gaddis, Michael Farfan and Antoine Hoppenot

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

Antoine Hoppenot

On the experience tonight…

“It’s great when you play a team like that. It kind of tests how good you are against some of the best players in the world. It’s a good experience for all of us; we were pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the win, but I think it was a good experience for all of us, and something we can build on.”

On falling behind 2-0 quickly…

“They did a good job of finishing their chances early on, and that kind of kills a team, but after the two goals, I think we did a good job of being able to stop them from getting any real chances after that. In the second half, I think we did a good job of creating a lot of chances. That game could have easily been 2-2, or 3-2 for us.”

On Chicago coming into town with a different roster from the teams’ earlier meetings this season…

“This is a big game for both teams. They can’t drop any points, and we can’t drop any points at this point, so close to the playoffs. They’re in playoff position, we’re in playoff position. It’s going to be an intense game. They’re going to come out here and expect the three points, so I think it’s going to be a fantastic game and it should be intense.”

On if Bakary Soumare will have something to prove this weekend…

“Oh yeah, you know (Bakary) will come here with something to prove. He’s texted a few of us, telling us to be ready, so we’re excited. We’re excited to welcome him back, and hopefully we’ll welcome him back with a loss.”

Amobi Okugo

On the match with Chicago and the playoff picture…

“It’s really big for us. This is a big month if we want to create a little bit of a gap for the teams behind us. In the Eastern Conference, they’ll all six-pointers from now on. Before the season, we were talking about trying to win each Eastern Conference (series). Starting with Chicago on Saturday, we have a chance to sweep them for the season, and that will be big for us, because they’re trying to creep down our necks.”

On what he takes from this game, if anything…

Stoke is on a different level, you know? We all aspire to play in the EPL, or the Bundesliga, or La Liga. Those guys are doing it, and you can just tell by their technical abilities that they’re great players, and it was good to play against them.”

On Brek Shea going down with an injury…

 “Yeah, we all made fun of (Matt) Kassel for it: why aren’t you trying to take someone out else like (Wilson) Palacios, or someone else in CONCACAF? (laughs) But, Brek is going to be fine. He’s a strong player, and hopefully it’s not too serious.”

On Aaron Wheeler playing center back…                                                            

“A good player like Aaron, he’s able to adapt. I think he has a little bit of experience playing in the back from college. He’s done great for us as a forward, and he’s done great for us when he’s had a chance to play center back. Wherever he can get minutes, I know he’s willing to help the team whenever he can; he’s a very selfless player, so it’s good.”

On if he likes Wheeler on defense…

“I like him wherever. If he’s on defense, as long as he’s not taking my spot! (laughs) But no, to be honest, he’s a great player. His aerial ability…he’s a better defender than people think, and he’s able to be physical with the bigger forwards.”

On if he has talked to Bakary Soumare about this weekend’s matchup…

“Yeah, we all talk to him. I was hoping for him to get a yellow card (last weekend) so we wouldn’t see him (laughs), but we see him on Friday. A couple of us are going to go to the city, get some dinner with him, and catch up. A lot of us have a close relationship with (Bakary), even though he’s not on the team, so it will be good to see him again.”

On if he expects Bakary Soumare will come to PPL Park with a chip on his shoulder…

 “He’s always had a chip on his shoulder. When he came back from injury, some people said that he wouldn’t be the same. I think he’s proven that, now that he’s finally gotten some playing time, he’s showing that he’s the player he once was before.”

Sheanon Williams

 On the upcoming month’s conference-heavy MLS schedule…

“Biggest month of the season coming up. Eastern Conference teams, all fighting for playoff spots. We need them all. It’s definitely been brought up in this locker room that this is going to be a huge month, and we that need to be prepared. I think we’re playing well right now. I think we’re going into this time at a good point in the season where I think we’re clicking and playing good soccer. We couldn’t go into this time at a better time.”

On what he takes from this game, if anything…

“Just another 45 minutes of working together. As a back line, that’s another zero for the four of us, even though we obviously lost 2-0. I think we’re getting better and better with every game, and hopefully we’ll continue to play well together.”

On Brek Shea’s injury…

“It’s tough. We were talking about it. I thought he had a good game tonight, and with (World Cup) qualifiers coming up, I thought he had a good shot of being on that roster. Tough for him. I know he’s been working really hard to get in with Stoke, and was looking forward to the season. Just have to start the recovery process and get back as soon as possible.”

On what he expects from Chicago this weekend…

“This will be the hardest game that we’ve played them in. They’ll be completely different with the new people that they have on their team. They’re hungry. They’ve had a good little stretch, and I know that they tied in Houston. They’re playing well right now, and hopefully we can put together a good game plan and go after them again.”

Stoke City postgame quotes

Team Manager Mark Hughes

Opening Statement…

“I thought the first half we played some decent stuff, got a couple of goals, good finishes as you said…..Obviously second half we made a lot of changes and it got a little bit fragmented, a little bit strained out so I was more happy with first than the second half really. So they didn’t really create too many chances against us.

On whether or not Brek’s injury is serious…

“Yeah he is going to be out for a number of weeks at least. Obviously we hope it is nothing more serious, but certainly he looks like he has done damage to his knee ligaments.”

On where his team is at this point of preseason…

“Yeah the games have been good for us. We still need that match sharpness that we are looking for, but I think on occasions that showed up in the games we have played and we just been on our heels on a couple of occasions because guys have been a big sharper but that will come with more training and more games so…. I haven’t got an issue with that; I know we can address that so that’s no problem, but there is a number of things that we haven’t even touched on of as yet. We are working on certain (parts) of play and obviously once we get back to the training ground and we have a period  of training sessions day in and day out then we will nail down some of the things that have been made apparent in the three games that we played. So still work to do, but we are happy enough where we are at the moment.”

Brek Shea

On his injury…

“My knee, it is throbbing a little bit. I don’t really know. Go to the doctor, find out tomorrow, get an MRI.”

On the challenge…

“No, I mean he was going for the ball. I tried to put my body in front of his and slid tackles happen good and bad. I have done worse to other people so I am really not mad at all.”

Peter Crouch

Question was in regards to how the team feels….

“There were some good test and tonight, another good test. Obviously you can tell the boys are (….), they are very fit. This is our third game now so we feel quite sharp and we feel it’s been a good test.”

Happy with the team’s preparation heading back to England…

“Without a doubt, yeah. It has been very obviously and it is something you have to adjust to certainly in Houston and Dallas, it is extremely hot. We adapted to that and I think it has been a good test and I think we can certainly take a lot of positives out of it heading back to the Premier League.”

Do you like coming to the United States and doing these tours? Thoughts on how the MLS has been doing…

“Yeah its good. I mean obviously we get the MLS back at home now and watch a game here and there. Certainly some English, some players who have played in the Premier League. So yeah we all take an interest in it now and certainly think its progressive and that’s why a lot of teams come out here because they know there is no language barrier and obviously we are going to get a good test so I think there is going to be more Premier League teams coming out here.”


  1. Put Kassel, Cruz, Keon, Carroll and Hackworth on the next direct flight to whogivesashit.

  2. Actually, what Mark Hughes said about Kassel’s tackle on Shea (but was cut above): “I thought it was a very, very poor challenge by the boy,” said Stoke coach Mark Hughes. “What the hell he was thinking of, I have no idea. … (Shea is) disappointed, I think we all are, because it was a poor challenge. You don’t expect that. It’s a friendly game. You need to protect your fellow professional. And I don’t think the guy did that. Don’t know who he was. Maybe he was trying to make a name for himself, I don’t know. He went the wrong way about it.”

  3. Here’s Mark Hughes’ quotes about the injury on the Stoke City website (slightly different tone):
    “It’s incredibly frustrating and hugely disappointing to lose Brek, especially in a game like this where you would expect players to look after their fellow professionals,” the Welshman told Stoke City Player.
    “I really have no idea what the lad was thinking about by going in for the challenge like that. Maybe he was trying to make a name for himself, I have no idea, but whatever he was thinking it was totally wrong.
    “We have been waiting a while to get Brek back here, and up until the injury he looked very bright, very dangerous and appeared to have a real understanding of what his role was on the left hand side of midfield.”
    He added: “He will go for a scan tomorrow, but we know that we will definitely be without him for a number of weeks. It looks fairly serious, but fingers crossed it isn’t anymore serious than we already know it is.”

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