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Fans’ View: From the quiet couch to the soccer pub

I love the experience of game day at the stadium. The atmosphere, the noise, the company, the tailgate, the … well … everything (right down to the stale soft pretzels). It adds up to be the highlight of the week.

Now this is a bit out of character for me as, while I am a massive fan of the Union and the game, I am not what you’d call a huge fan of people. I mean, I’m pro-humanity as a whole, and you people are all right, but given my druthers, I’d prefer to be in a quiet room with a book.

In prior times, if the house couldn’t be emptied by game time, I’d set the DVR and go 100 percent media dark until everyone went to bed, so I could watch, perched on the edge of my couch, gesturing wildly (but very, very quietly) in solitary glory.

In current times, I’ve been venturing out for more road games with my home-game regulars to our closest Pub Partner. They show every game and are super accommodating in setting up a spot where we can encamp. They even have a projection screen out back to watch on the big screen. I’m looking forward to some cooler, dryer nights before hitting that particular feature up.

Sometimes there is a fairly large SOB contingent there. Sometimes it is little more than us. What I’ve really liked is seeing the random fan come in alone, knowing there would be others there with whom they could catch the game and chat about the team. And, in almost every case, we’ve had at least one curious person come over to our side of the bar to check out what all the commotion was about. Some grunt and go, but a few have hung out asking question after question about the team, the league, or soccer in general. Who knows, maybe some will come back again as fans.

So, it’s been good to share the game with friends old and new. It’s been good to have another avenue to support the team, to show it’s support out in the “regular” world, and to maybe pull in a few fresh faces …

… and then drive, safely, home to watch it again from the DVR.


  1. Good stuff. I’ve considered going, but I watch most road games with my daughter. Have you seen kids at your place before?

    • We are in Mongomerville and we always bring our kids to our Pub Partner, Dominick’s. it’s the one place the whole family can agree on!

      • Thanks. I know Chickies and Pete’s allows kids in – though I don’t know if they let them into the area where the games are on.
        I’ll have to look at the list of partners and see what’s close to me and venture out next time. Not tomorrow’s game, though. I have other plans so we’ll be DVR’ing it, going on a media blackout, and watching it later that evening.

  2. Happy to hear other people watch games again throughout the week on their DVR. Great article!!!!!!

  3. Ah yes, I’ve had many similar moments on the couch after everyone goes to bed making silent fist pumps at the screen. Good times.

  4. Nice article, about sums up how I am in respect to watching away games. But as a recent cord cutter the plan is to go to pub partners to watch, hoping for good expierence.

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