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In Pictures: Union 3-1 Chivas USA

PSP photographer Earl Gardner’s look at the Philadelphia Union’s 3-1 win over Chivas USA on a rainy Friday night.

Photo by Earl GardnerAmy Fadool sings the National Anthem while trying to stay dry.

Photo by Earl Gardner
The Starting XI.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Leo Fernandes with a close call.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Danny Cruz is pushed down from behind by Eric Avila.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Gabe Farfan made his first trip back to PPL Park after being traded.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Jeff Parke defends against Jose Correa.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Sheanon Williams moves the ball up the wing.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Brian Carroll fights to clear the ball as the rain falls down.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Jorge Villafana tries to defend against Big Country.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Micheal Farfan and Carlos Alvarez fight for the ball.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Sheanon Williams launches the balls off the water logged pitch.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Amobi Okugo goes up in the air.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Sebastien Le Toux keeps his eyes on the play.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Sheanon tracking the ball.

Photo by Earl Gardner
The deflection off of Brian Carroll goes in for a goal.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Casey and the boys celebrate tying up the match.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba eyes up his corner kick.

Photo by Earl GardnerDan Kennedy struggles to stop Seba’s ball in the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn Hackworth complaint about a non-call sees him sent to the locker room.

Photo by Earl GardnerJosue Soto gets a red card for his confrontation with the ref after the indirect free kick was called.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba plans the indirect free kick with Amobi and Marfan.

Photo by Earl GardnerChivas loads the goal line with players to rush the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerMarfan’s perfect shot puts the Union ahead by 1.

Photo by Earl GardnerTopless night in the rain soaked River End.

Photo by Earl GardnerSheanon makes a run.

Photo by Earl GardnerDan Kennedy makes another save.

Photo by Earl GardnerConor Casey scores another goal in one of his best seasons in recent years.

Photo by Earl GardnerBig Country.

1596 Conor Casey & Brian CarrollCarrol has a Vulcan Mind Meld with Casey.

Photo by Earl GardnerNothing but love.

Photo by Earl GardnerGabe Farfan salutes the River End.

1684 FabinhoFabinho shows his thanks for the fans’support in his first Union match.

Photo by Earl Gardner, c/o Gabe Farfan's InstagramMike and Gabe get some hang time post-match. (From Gabe’s Instagram)

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Wow, so is Leo singing Soprano now??

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