Union player stat infographic for June

Dan Stover and Jim Prestifilippo present their infographic of Philadelphia Union player stats for June’s games and the season so far.



  1. Amobi’s passing is so good. If only his passing came from the middle third as a DMid where he could be releasing our offensive players, instead of our defensive third where his only options are Brian “I’ll just pass it back to you” Carrol and hopeful balls over the top.

    • kingkowboys says:

      Completely agree. I’ve been pissed about him playing CB this entire season. You are missing so many vital skills that BC does not have. BC may have better experience and positioning but those are both things Okugo will learn over time with proper coaching/mentoring plus the athleticism and skills. That all went down the tubes when he won the CB job from Soumare and they made BC the captain. That was the end of Okugo CDM this year at least.

  2. It’s always fun to look at these (and not just for the pretty colors), but I would be interested to hear some analysis to go along with it. They way I see it, for the season, the numbers are shaping up just about how you would expect based on a player’s position and/or minutes played. Not too many surprises (Sheannon’s poor passing % not typical for a defender, but understandable because of the amount of long balls and crosses he plays). Michael Farfan’s +/- for the season is quite troublesome for sure, and Danny Cruz’s certainly argues for his inclusion. Casey’s +/- supports my claim that he is at least equal, if not even possible above Jack for MVP status for the club.

    • Jim Presti says:

      I have some other interesting stats tracked as well. Looking into really sitting down and diving into them once the month of July is up. This is a prime time for squad rotation. Hence more playing time for guys like Hoppenot, Wheeler, Farfan, Fernandes, Torres, Kassel, and Anding. More minutes makes the sample size larger, and hopefully provides a more well-rounded picture.

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