Week in Tweets

The Week in Tweets

photo: Earl Gardner

A look at the last week in tweets through the Union players and our readers. Want to see your tweets here? Hit us up at @PhillySoccerPg and say something that catches our attention.

Reaction to the win in Chicago

Soumare in the XI

Post Chicago

Movies with Antoine

Think I have to keep Garfan in this column until some of the other Union guys step up…

We’ve heard the weather in Brazil is nice this time of year at least…

Gabe Farfan is traded to Chivas

Reaction to the loss against LA. Is anyone unhappy with Keon Daniel?

Ocean City moves on in the US Open Cup


  1. It’s funny the one mentions Jack giving Keon bad looks. In the LA game I remember seeing Jack throw up his arms and screaming at Keon when instead of giving a Through Ball he passed it backwards.

  2. I know it’s too much to hope for but I really hope Hackworth and Sakawicz are gone after this season. They are not the dynamic leadership this team and organization need. Cruz, Carroll, Daniels, Gaddis(playing out his normal position)are starters and would never be starters and are primarly subs on most teams. They probably wouldn’t even dress. The subsitutions made but Hackworth during the LA game were not thought through. There was no need to pull LeToux. His defensive work was steller. Instead Hackworth brings in Hoppenot to stretch the field when the Union where gassed? Connor Casey was rendered ineffective because with Hoppenot he was forced to play wide and have the ball at his feet too much when he should have been in the box making room for McInerney. Why not bring in Michael Farfan and Casey? Hackworth trying to match wits with Arena was bad enough but come on, at least make some commons sense substitutions! They trade Gabriel Farfan for a draft pick and cash. If this passed draft is any indication, Hackworth and crew will find a way to screw it up again. I really want him gone. However, he is the perfect fit for an organization bent on ruining this franchise. Oh and Sakawicz’s vision of fielding an entire home grown starting 11? What successfull franchise does that? While developing home grown players how about bring in some MLS cups or being consistantly among the elite teams for a change rather than fielding a 2nd rate manager and team!

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