Garfan traded to Chivas

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union announced Tuesday that Gabriel Farfan has been traded to Chivas USA.

A press release from the Union said that Farfan had been traded in exchange for allocation money and a 2014 MLS SuperDraft natural first-round pick.

Per league and club policy, the terms of the trade were not disclosed.

Farfan signed with the Union in March of 2011 after spending the preseason on trial with the club. The midfielder/defender made 51 appearances with the club, including 43 starts, logging 3882 minutes. He scored 1 goal and recorded 3 assists.

Farfan moved from midfield to left fullback after the Jordan Harvey trade in July of 2011. In 2013, he lost the starting left back position to Raymon Gaddis. On May 10, 2013 against Chicago, he had his first start of the season at left back as a result of a red card suspension to Sheanon Williams in the May 4 game against Seattle.

Chivas USA head coach Jose Luis “Chelis” Sanchez Sola has previously expressed an interest in both Gabriel and Michael Farfan. In an article published on Feb. 21 at ESPN, Jeff Carlisle reported, “Chelis remarked that the club is aiming to bring both Gabriel and Michael Farfan in from Philadelphia, although it seems inconceivable that the Union would let either player go.”

Union coach John Hackworth said in the press release, “We want to thank Gabe for all of his contributions to the Philadelphia Union over the past few years. He has been a true professional for our club and we wish him the best of luck as he continues his career.”


  1. Steve l. says:

    Take note Union players, this is what happens when you play better than the person hack prefers at that position.

  2. frankswild says:

    I really like Gabe but it is hard to argue with a first round pick and mls funbux

    • I suspect the allocation money is either going to pay down Klebersons or Saomares salary so that is a wash

  3. I am really close to saying fuck this team

  4. You know Marfan is following him when his contract is up too.

  5. Derp Diggler says:

    Gabe did not loose Left Back to Gaddis. He expressed to the coaches that he was not a Left Back, and wanted to only play midfield. Get the facts.

  6. Nooooooooo, why hackworth! I liked Garfan, give ’em cruz, he’s mexican!!

  7. -nickt.- says:

    this is some bullshit. can we please at least have a LB before we go trading a fill-in LB away?

  8. Tough to see Gabe go especially because we hadn’t really gotten to see him play a lot this year.

    Though what we got in return is definitely worth what we are losing.

  9. EllisCarver says:

    A potential top 5 pick and cash for a middling left back? Sign me up. That’s a steal.

    Let’s see what the kid Anding can do.

  10. George H says:

    Don’t like this move since we have a spotty record with 1st round picks and this leaves us threadbare on the backline.

    This franchise puzzles me with its personnel moves.

    • EllisCarver says:

      Draft history should never be a deterrent in grabbing a high draft pick. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      We’re not competing for a Cup this season, so who cares about keeping a bench player like Gabe Farfan? Bring up Anding or Damani Richards, ride out this season, and build for the future.

      • George H says:

        I don’t dispute that we got good value in the trade. My biggest concern is that draft picks, even high ones, are not guaranteed. And we’ve booted just as many high draft picks (Mwanga, Hoffman) as nailed others (Jack and Amobi). And for as much allocation money that we’ve gotten in recent trades, we haven’t really done anything productive with any of it.

        Our roster is limited in what it can do right now and to trade a versatile player for some unknown future commodity doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.

        My other gripe is that the last thing that this team needs is more young players and young players who are learning new positions at the professional level.

    • Pretty sure we got some guy named McInerney and another name Okugo in the first round. They seem to be doing ok. Hate seeing Gabe go, but he was a bench player at this point so to get a 1st round pick and cash for him is a steal.

      • -nickt.- says:

        kleberson is a bench player too. maybe we can get some allocation money for him.

  11. Good luck to him.

  12. This trade is meh. I don’t like it cause I like Gabe, but it’s not that bad.
    But, what REALLY made me made was when Ives tweeted that Gaddis has LB “locked down.” That pisses me the fuck off.
    BTW, knowing this team and PHilly as a whole, I wouldn’t be surprised if Garfan is a borderline All Star at mid for Chivas.

    • -nickt.- says:

      this trade would be fine if we actually had a fucking LB… kinda have the same feeling about his future at chivas. ha

      • We never actually improve the team its trade player for lottery ticket draft pick and/or allocation money then covert player at a position it isn’t suited for the player gets frustrated at team/ team gets frustrated at plyer he is traded for allocation and/or draft pick cycle repeats. forever.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Can’t argue with what Chivas paid for Garfan. A 1st and cash is a lot for Gabriel Farfan.

      • George H says:

        Sieve – Exactly.

  13. OneManWolfpack says:

    I don’t know how to feel. I think the U traded potential for potential, really. Gabe is decent but couldn’t get on the field. If Anding or Richards pans out, then this trade is amazing. Personally I like Gaddis, but I would trade him to any team willing to deal a true LB.

    For me the real issue is still Kleberson and the horrendous midfield play. I am worried about tomorrow night.

  14. So Garfan leaves as well? Good luck to him, and thanks. Thought he had done something to get Hack’s goat but didn’t expect him to BECOME a goat.

  15. Good luck Gabe! Philly has your back.

  16. Jeremy Lane says:

    Oof. Even if this trade makes sense on paper (the juries out, in my opinion), I don’t like it. He’s going to be an every-day MLS player, if not a star, so why can’t he do that here? Frustrating.

  17. In terms of value this doesn’t seem to be a bad deal, but the timing of it is just ridiculous. Any way you slice it, the Union have made a weak position even weaker. Our left back pool now consists of a 2nd-year right back playing out of position who has been by and large ineffective, the rookie Don Anding who is also learning a new position, and I guess you’d have Albright in the mix (who is 34, slow, and has barely played the last 3 seasons). That’s not good enough for a team with supposed playoff aspirations, if we still have those.

    • Why not have playoff aspirations, What other team is gonna that last slot. We are gonna get it because marginally less horrible + Jack Mac = playoffs

  18. Forget LB, what do we do at LM? Garfan on the left and Marfan on the right was the only way I envisioned our midfield without Cruz on the field. Who’s left to put out there? LeToux? Anyone, you know, left-footed?

    Sad day for the Union. Best value on our team, IMO.

  19. JediLos117 says:

    His jersey sales must have been up.

  20. Eeek.

    It’s a good value for Garfan. I never trusted his ability to play the game without risking a red card. Very skilled player though- but I agree with the near universal concerns about our backline.
    What impact with this have on Marfan?
    Gaddis gets hurt. Who plays that position on Wednesday night?

  21. I definitely have mixed feelings about this trade. The haul was definitely impressive assuming Chivas continues to struggle. A top 5 pick would be ideal. Hopefully there are some good wingers in next year’s draft.
    On the other hand, Garfan was a pretty good player with versatility for 50k. I would have liked to see him start at LB, but I think we all know that either him or Gaddis isn’t an ideal situation. All in all, it should be a good trade in favor of the Union.

  22. The Duke says:

    I’m guessing this is part of a bigger move. Robbie Rogers is going from Chicago to LA. Chicago will most likely make room for Baky in that trade. A solid LA player could be about to come our way.

  23. Also, it’s worth noting what a bad team like Chivas will give up for a player with potential, as opposed to a good team like Galaxy.
    Case in point, the Union get a conditional (late) first or more likely a second round pick, for the potential of Chandler Hoffman.
    Chivas trades away a potential top five pick for a guy who has potential to be a good MLS starter, but most likely won’t be a star.
    I wasn’t the biggest Hoffman fan, but I think many would agree he has a higher ceiling than Gabe.

  24. Jason Kolodziejski says:

    I’m ok with the trade. The farfan’s are now what they were when they started. M. Farfan really hasn’t produced, so… I hope we can get the same for him.

    BTW, Torres can play wide midfield can’t he?

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