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Player of the Week: Jack McInerney

Photo: Paul Rudderow

By my unofficial count, this is the seventh time that Jack Mac has won PSP’s Player of the Week award, so at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised. Here’s what PSP’s own Eli Pearlman-Storch had to say about Jack’s performance against Toronto in his analysis and player ratings:

On a day when his midfield was in shambles, McInerney still put in a complete effort before bagging the late equalizer. On six of the Union’s best chances, McInerney was either on the end of the effort: the goal, the called-back goal, the deflected Kleberson shot, and the early header that Bednik touched over the bar; or was the creator: the point-blank effort Le Toux blazed over the crossbar and Casey’s bicycle kick. Hard to ask much more out of the 20 year-old, who now sits tied for third on the league goal-scorer’s table.

Six chances created. Two goals scored (even if one was taken away for no good reason). 20 years old. I feel like I should drop the mic and walk away now.

In a season where the Union has struggled to consistently put their forwards in positions to score, Jack has found a way. Ably assisted by Conor Casey (who has put in several very good performances in a row now), Jack has four goals on the season. As Eli noted, that ties him for third in the MLS-wide scoring charts, behind only LA’s Mike Magee and Toronto’s Robert Earnshaw (who we’re all wonderfully familiar with now), each with five goals.

John Hackworth hasn’t exactly blown the fans away with his coaching choices, but there’s one thing he’s done right, ever since taking over, and that’s putting Jack on the field. With the introduction of Kléberson, and the reintroduction (one hopes) of Michael Farfan, the Union have players capable of setting the table much better than what we saw on Saturday. And considering the goals he’s managed to put away without much help, it’s not unreasonable to expect McInerney to stay at the top of the scoring charts all season long.

While this may be Jack’s seventh Player of the Week award, I certainly won’t tire of giving it to him. Long may it continue.


  1. JediLos117 says:

    Will be 1st Union player poached by euro squad.
    Might as well pencil him in for next week’s player of the week honor.

  2. Andrew "Calm" Down says:

    I love his attitude too. He was pissed he wasn’t a proven’starter’ at the beginning of the season, so he went out and made it happen.

  3. Southside Johnny says:

    And stay tuned because this guy is steadily improving all aspects of his game: Mac v4.1 with bug fixes, enhanced performance and fewer crashes.

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