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Player of the Week: Conor Casey

Photo: Michael Long

Nobody likes days like these. You know, the ones where you go into your rival’s home stadium, don’t look great, but don’t look terrible—kind of blah—but you bottle them up and look to have taken a road point, only for some world-class player to take that point away.

Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

The Union didn’t have a lot of standouts on Saturday. In fact, it really only had one great moment, and that was the goal scored by Conor Casey just a few moments after entering the game as a substitute. Casey started played in the home opener but hadn’t seen the field since, due to a combination of minor injury and the burgeoning partnership of Jack McInerney and Sebastien Le Toux.

Well, on Saturday, neither Jack nor Seba were producing much, so Casey was introduced just after the  hour mark. Two minutes later, it looked a genius move by John Hackworth, as Sheanon Williams’ long throw was flicked in at the near post off Casey’s shiny dome.

His goal ultimately didn’t result in any points for Philly but Casey’s highlights weren’t complete until he wrecked Red Bulls keeper Luis Robles on a high ball in added time. In Casey’s defense, the foul was unintentional, but both the goal and the foul demonstrated the sort of big, physical presence up front the Union has so often lacked.

With Casey leading the line, the Union can play a very different sort of offensive game than that provided by the LeToux–McInerney pairing. It’s going to take better service than what he received on Saturday. (Williams’s throw aside, the “service” to Casey consisted of aimlessly lumped long balls from the defense and Brian Carroll.) But practice makes perfect, and Casey is a welcome alternative to have in Hackworth’s supply closet.

So, rather than focus on the disappointing result, let’s take this small moment to think about what may come, and welcome Conor Casey’s first Philadelphia goal. He is this week’s PSP Player of the Week.


  1. (pssst – Casey didn’t start the home opener but came on during it).

    Agree 100% about how great it looked when Casey came on. As you said he showed a different style than anyone else can bring (apart from maybe Wheeler, who i thought would at least make the squad after a good performance in the friendly). I’d love to see if he can put in 60minutes on the field, bully the opposing defense around and soften them up to get beaten by the pace of Hoppenot when he comes in on the 60th minute.

    • The Black Hand says:

      (Though he should of).
      Casey has looked very good during his extremely brief times on the pitch. He needs to start and be the main target of our front line.

    • Jeremy Lane says:

      Whoops, you’re right. I was thinking of one of the preseason games and mixed it together in my head with the opener.

  2. Jaap Stam says:

    Ok so our offense thus far has been anemic. An infusion of Casey up front and Kleberson pulling the strings could be explosive! Sure, Casey could pull up lame and Kleberson may be done but I’m going to dream a little bit here. They could be formidable with Parke and Okugo patrolling the back line. Let’s do it…Go Union!!!!!!

  3. Since the midfield has been terrible, why not trot out the 4-3-3 to start vs. Columbus? Le Toux, Casey, and Jack to start with Hoppenot as a sub. That way you have a midfield of Marfan, Carroll, and hopefully Kleberson. More Casey, Less Cruz.

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