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In pictures: Red Bulls 2 – 1 Union

 PSP photographer Michael Long traveled to Red Bull Arena for Saturday’s loss. Here’s a look at what he saw.
PhilaUnion33012 1

The first half was slow with few opportunities on goal.

PhilaUnion33012 2

Le Toux seemed unusually timid around his old teammates. Still, it was good to see him in Union blue at Red Bull Arena.

PhilaUnion33012 3

Sheanon Williams put in a solid effort. His long-distance ballistic throw-in would later be crucial to the Union scoring.

PhilaUnion33012 4

Danny Cruz was energetic but the energy was a little unfocused at times.

PhilaUnion33012 5

Michael Farfan provided some excitement and movement towards goal during the slow first half.

PhilaUnion33012 6

Ten minutes after the start of the second half, the Red Bulls opened the scoring.

PhilaUnion33012 7

The crowd goes wild for the home team, but the Union would respond quickly.

PhilaUnion33012 8

Sheanon to Casey…

PhilaUnion33012 9

…Casey to goal.

PhilaUnion33012 10

Union celebration!!!

PhilaUnion33012 11

The boys in blue confidently trot back after answering the Red Bulls goal to tie the game.

PhilaUnion33012 12

Casey was vital to the Union’s efforts in the second half and was a persistent problem for the Red Bulls.

PhilaUnion33012 13

Casey and the Red Bull’s Jamison Olave battle for the ball.

PhilaUnion33012 14

Thierry Henry’s substitution into the game completely changed the match and he was quickly a threat to the Union goal.

PhilaUnion33012 15

In the 81st minute, Henry found the back of the net.

PhilaUnion33012 16

While Péguy Luyindula and his teammates celebrated, the late goal seemed to gut the Union.

PhilaUnion33012 17

With only minutes to play, the Red Bulls and their fans celebrate knowing victory is now at hand.

PhilaUnion33012 18

Keon Daniel came in just a minute before Henry’s goal and would have no significant impact on the game as the Union’s win-streak ends at two.


  1. Wow, nice sequence on the Casey goal.

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