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Kick Cancer benefit for local player

PSP readers, please help us help out a local soccer player trying to beat stage one brain cancer.

Mike McKinney, a player in the Casa Soccer League here in Philadelphia, needs to raise $6,800 to start treatment by June to have a good shot at beating brain cancer. Casa is a league near and dear to the hearts of many PSP contributors, who have both played in the league and served on its board, and it’s likely that this website would not have started without it.

Read the info below from the Casa website and try to make it out to Jon’s Bar and Grille (300 South Street, Philadelphia) this Sunday from 12 -6 pm or donate online to help out a good cause.

From the Casa webpage

A very sad story has recently come to light about one of our dedicated members. We’re looking for your help.

Mike McKinney is a 30-year-old single father, and a 3-year member of Spruce Goose FC who’s never missed one game. He is a huge USMNT & Philadelphia Union fan and a member of the IllegitimateS supporters group. Over the past two seasons, he had noticed that he was sustaining concussions with greater and greater ease. The post-concussion symptoms consisted of massive headaches, ear bleeds, and loss of balance among other hardships. Upon medical consultation, he has learned that he has developed Stage 1 brain cancer.

Mike works countless hours as a manager at multiple Pep Boys just to make ends meet. With a support order from family court, and through the divorce proceedings, Mike has been left with hardly any money to live on. Compounding the issue is the current state of health care which means that the insurance that he can afford provides little to no help in paying for the cancer treatment.

The total cost of treatment will come in at approximately $68,000 assuming that the first run of treatment takes care of everything. In order to start treatment, Mike must raise 10% of this cost, $6,800. Per the doctor’s recommendation, he must start treatment by June to really have a good shot at winning this battle. Beyond that, the progression of the tumor could become a bit more unpredictable and aggressive.

We are asking for your help.  Mike’s benefit will be held at Jon’s Bar & Grille (300 South St., Philadelphia, PA) on Sunday March 24th from noon to 6PM. We are looking for both monetary donations and donations for auction.  We are looking for sports memorabilia, tickets to games, gift certificates, etc.  If you are looking to donate goods for auction, please contact Ryan Pine at or Michael Nevinsky at  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  CASA is a league that was developed by Philly soccer players to benefit the local soccer community. Please help us to make a difference in one local soccer player/supporter’s life. Help us to help Mike. We want him to be able to play a lot more games in his lifetime, watch a lot more games, and hopefully to live to see his kids play a lot of games as well.

Benefit Details:
Jon’s Bar & Grille
300 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Sunday, March 24, 2013 Noon-6pm.
Tickets are $40 and will cover admission, food, and drink.
We will officially begin taking orders for tickets on February 17, 2013.
Ticket requests can be sent to

Food Menu:
Vegetable Wraps

Miller Lite

Confirmed Auction Items:
Philadelphia Union Sideline Passes
Philadelphia Phillies tickets
Autographed Philadelphia Phillies hat
Autographed Philaldelphia 76ers item
Autographed Philadelphia Union jersey
Studio Pass for 97.5 The Fanatic’s Jon & Sean Show
Studio Pass for 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli Show
High Def TV
Sound Bar
Blu Ray Player
Kindle Fire
Various Gift Baslets
More to come!

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  1. Mario Lauriano says:

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