Independence / Photo essays

Independence and Sky Blue in photos

The Independence huddle before hitting the field

Kai’s headers were essential in this match

Tasha Kai’s consistent pressure on goal led to great game for her

Boquete and Kai celebrate after Kai launches a beautiful header past NJ’s goalie to open the scoring

NJ gets on the board with an own goal

NJ kept pressure on goal, leading to a very physical and hard fought first half

NJ celebrates after they earn their second goal to take the lead

Farrelly redirecting a cross

NJ’s solid goaltending kept Sky Blue in the lead through the end of the first half

The team return to the field determined to regain this game

Visiting fans and youth soccer players from UAE celebrate after yet another Tasha Kai goal

Tasha Kai celebrates another goal after earning her a hat trick on the evening

Estelle Johnson…

to Laura Del Rio…

to… NET!!!!

Celebrating the go-ahead goal

Laura Del Rio had a powerful impact on the game, coming in late to score the game winner, her first goal of the season

Tasha Kai is pleased to discuss her big night with the press

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