Le Toux wins Fair Play Award, Najar ROTW

MLS announced Wednesday morning that Sebastien Le Toux is the winner of the Xbox 360 Individual Fair Play Award for the 2010 season. The award goes to the player who exhibits the best sportsmanship and receives the least amount of yellow and red cards during the MLS regular season. Le Toux has never been shown a card in his MLS career.

In a statement on the Union’s website, Le Toux said, “I’m very flattered to win this award. It is proof of what I try to show on and off the field on a daily basis, as well as my respect to the MLS rules and the fans.”

The winner of the Rookie of the Year Award was also announced today. While Danny Mwanga lead the league’s rookies with seven goals and four assists, the award went to DC United’s Andy Najar.

Mwanga’s non selection will surely not sit well with Union supporters, many of whom thought that Le Toux had been unfairly snubbed by not being selected as one of the final three Most Valuable Player nominees.

Photo: Paul Rudderow


  1. The fact that MLS bases MVP on whether or not a team makes it to the playoffs is a clear fact. It may be something that a lot of us, including myself, disagree with, but it was one of the factors they use to choose the MVP. ROTW on the other hand does not require that. Mwanga had double the production of Najar and was injured for much of the second half of the season, which made him miss games and not play at his best. This is a purely political decision by the MLS to give the award to a home grown player to use as propaganda. Bull shit. An absolute disgrace that Mwanga was snubbed for this award. Another example of Garber’s anti Philadelphia sentiments. I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the man hates us. Listen to what he said about the biggest threat to MLS being hooliganism and terrorism and used the SOB needing police escort into stadium during NYRB game as a prime example of his fear of the rise of hooliganism. Garber got us where we are today, but its time for the Don to go.

  2. it is absolutely a disgrace! even Ream deserved ROTY over Najar. what a joke. we just finished our inaugural season and were already getting the typical philly treatment we get in other sporting leagues. i agree with mike, except im not sure who actually votes for these, is it a player/coach thing? outside panel like sportswriters thing? or actually the MLS? i find it interesting actual vote information isnt disclosed.

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