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Union vs. Wizards in photos

Click on each photo for a full-size version.

Sebastien Le Toux goes up for a headball

Andrew Jacobson Slides to clear the ball away from Teal Bunbury

Danny Mwanga feeds the ball over to Sebastien Le Toux

Sebastien Le Toux one times the ball into the back of the net

Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Mwanga doing the we just scored dance

The team celebrates Sebastien Le Toux's goal in the first half

Justin Mapp worked the ball past midfield

Amobi Okobi passes over to Stefani Migliaranzi

Danny Califf going high after the ball

Danny Califf goes in with a heavy slide tackle

Sebastien Le Toux and Jonathan Leathers going up for the ball

Sebastien Le Toux thanking the fans after the game

Photo essay by Paul Rudderow


  1. This is fantastic! The we-just-scored dance is a great photo. Thanks for putting this together.

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