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Are the Union better than the All-Stars?

On Wednesday night MLS All-Star team took on Manchester United. As if you already didn’t know, they lost horribly 5-2.

When the Philadelphia Union took on Man U on July 21, they only lost 1-0. It took United 76 minutes to score on the Union’s third string goalie.

The MLS All-Star’s had L.A. Galaxy’s first team goalie, Donovan Ricketts, starting in goal for the game. It only took 22 seconds—yes,  I said seconds—to score on him, although a horrible pass by the Revolution’s Kevin Alston basically put the goal on a plate for Federico Macheda.

Yes, the Union are an actual team who have been playing together all season and have built team chemistry. Experience and chemistry do help a team win, but these were suppose to be All-Stars, the best of the best of the MLS.

Don’t get me wrong—Le Toux and everyone up front did their share, tying Manchester United with nine shots on goal. Of course, five of United’s shots went in.

With unlimited substitutions, some players didn’t have enough time on the pitch to start something going. Not that this was a problem for Man U, although, when the Union played Man U, they didn’t have unlimited subs and for a young team they did just fine. Against the All-Stars, Man U did so well that they had two spots on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays, including the number one play of the day.

Going even further, if the Union are better than the All-Stars, what does that make Kansas City?

It might have been just a hiccup for the All-Stars, but from what I saw last night it looked like Man U was playing a high school team. Compare the two games, Union vs Man U and MLS vs Man U. What do you think? Did the Union have the better game and is a better team than the MLS All-Stars?


  1. Josh Trott says:

    You mentioned the whole problem with the All-Stars not being a regular team. It’s not a small thing. Off-side traps, through passes, and just knowing where your teammate will be, and what you can rely on them to accomplish and when they need back up, all that stuff works so much better when you play with the same squad day in and day out.

    The other factor is that Man U. took the All-Star game more seriously.

  2. Josh Trott says:

    Yeah, my point is the Union is better than the All-Stars because they play together.

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