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Who are ya? World Cup final edition

Locust from 15th to 16th St. on Sunday June 11th.

Four years ago, all you could do was bemoan the lack of outdoor viewing opportunities as you continuously saw clips of thousands of fans huddled together in outdoor fan parks in Germany, let alone in Times Square and Boston’s Government Center.

Things were a bit different this World Cup. In addition to The Piazza’s continuous communal picnic feel, there was Fado’s two massive block parties, the first being held the day of the USA v England match.

With 25ft screens you can get a little creative. Well done.

On Sunday for the final, a packed Fado was abutted by a sea of fans stretching from 15th to 16th St. on Locust. Vuvuzelas blared. Spanish flags danced on the air. Orange clad Oranje supporters showed little care for their team’s underdog status. Other fans, elbow to elbow, watched from alcoves

Up above, the openings from the parking garage atop the corner pub affording a brilliant view of the 25 ft. screen at 15th and Locust.

(In the back of a packed pub)

Who are ya?

Brittany Bauma.

Oh Bauma, we wish it had gone differently.

PSP: So, you’re a little excited for Holland.

BB: I’m a Holland fan all my life. My family is from right outside Amsterdam. I was born here and live in Burlington, NJ.

PSP: How big of a soccer fan are you?

BB: It’s probably my second or third favorite sport. I played center mid in high school in New Jersey. I have a record for the farthest goal score from midfield. Not on purpose — I was going to send it forward and the goalie over played it.

PSP: Why do you think Holland is going to win?

BB: They’re the underdog and they know it. No one expected them to go this far.

PSP: But what makes you think Holland can counter Spain’s tactical brilliance at midfield?

BB: I feel like Holland is going to neutralize Xavi which will open up scoring opportunities on the counter attack.

PSP: So why did you say 3rd favorite sport?

BB: I guess it’s not on enough.

PSP: No Premier League? Come back here or any of a number of soccer pubs in the city in a few weeks.

BB: I guess I’m not a true true fan. I hope to be. I lived in Milan for 5 months and that made me more of a fan. So I hope to get into it more.

PSP: Were you at the San Siro?

BB: Yea.

PSP: …wow. Forza Milan!

(Amidst the convivial clamor as game time neared…)

Who are ya?

Nicolas Clemente

PSP: Where are you from in Spain? And where locally?

NC: Grenada, Spain; South Philly.

PSP:It seems apparent, but how big of a soccer fan are you?

NC: Oh my God, I’m always a huge fan. Soccer rules the world.

PSP: Which club do you support?

From left to right for La Rojas: Pepe Gimenez, Carlos Ortiz, and Nicolas Clemente

NC: I’m a Real Madrid fan. Where I’m from we have Grenada football club but it’s never going to be a big team.

PSP: Can you put into words your excitement level right now?

NC: [beaming effusively] This is a World Cup; it is a very big thing.

Eager anticipation from start to finish that would be rewarded at the 116th minute.

PSP: Why do you think Spain will win?

NC: Because we are very stubborn. We haven’t won in 40 years. We are going to make history, being the first team to win after losing their first match. We work as a team and never give up.

[The excitement of the crowd, the moment getting to him]

NC: I don’t know what [else] to say.

PSP: Who do you think will supply the big goal?

Hopefully it will be Torres. Hopefully he will start. We need him to be all over the place.

[His friend interjecting]

Pepe Gimenez: I think Villa two goals, Pedro one. I agree [with NC’s Torres statement]. If I was the coach I would take the risk with Torres, while others would say fuck Torres.

[As Spanish fans everywhere enjoyed the euphoria of the moment…]

Who are ya?

Francesco Gonzalez

Francesco Gonzalez, posing with Julia Gill, feels like a champion.

PSP:Where are from in Spain, as well as the local area?

FG: I’m from Barcelona. I’ve lived in Philly for two years.

PSP: Your thoughts on Spain now?

FG: The feeling is for 4 years we had the best team. We played like champions. They had the courage to come back and win it [after dropping their first match] and other teams have to recognize it.

PSP: What about their play stands out? They’ve won games by close margins, but have done so masterfully. What stands out?

FG: They kept the same style of play. They always kept attacking. Xavi opens up the space- with Xabi Alonso he dominates the mid. He [Xavi] finds Villa and Iniesta, pushing the ball up the field with brilliance.

PSP: Yeah, his passing has been superb, with the number of scoring chances he set up game after game being on a genius level. The back heel flick to Villa against  Portugal comes to mind.

FG: That was amazing.

After the match the vuvuzelas blended nicely with Spanish guitar and salsa.

PSP: Besides the great turnout today with so many people packing the street and filling the pub, what do you think of the game’s appreciation here?

FG: I think it’s only going to get better. I’ve been here [in the states] for 8 years. It is great. I think it should only grow. It’s the world’s sport. It’s beautiful to see it here.

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