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You should know this about the 2010 MLS Cup in Toronto

Toronto fans are ecstatic to have a team other than the last place Maple Leafs to cheer on

The 2010 MLS Cup will be given away at Toronto FC’s BMO Stadium.

BMO is the 9th different stadium to host the final, with Seattle’s Qwest Field doing the honors in 2009. The stadium is also the home field for Canada’s national team and seats 20,000 for most events. It played host to the U-20 World Cup in 2007 and can be rented by dialing: (416) 263 – 5700 and pressing “4” to reach the rental voicemail.

Other notables about BMO:

  • It’s in Canada, so the drinking age is lower. Just something to keep in mind.
  • Service of 28 oz beer is cut off at halftime, so when Toni Stahl gets his second yellow, you know time is running short on the big gulps.
  • “Please note that the use of streamers and confetti as an expression of fan enthusiasm is not prohibited, but will be kept under review.”
  • BMO Field does not have areas free from nut products and as a result, we recommend that those with nut allergies exercise extreme caution if attending events at BMO Field.”
  • “BMO Field offers a wide range of food options reflecting the diversity of soccer fans in the Toronto area. Specialty items include the World Famous Chip Butty, Scotch Egg, Jamaican Patty, Vegetarian Wrap, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Meat Pies, Souvlaki and Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches.”
  • Masks may be worn in your seat only, and must be removed when leaving your section.

Toronto is about 9 hours from Philadelphia, according to Google Maps. Hopefully we all get to make the drive.

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