You heard about it on PhillySoccerPage first (or pretty close to first, right?), and now we have video of Eddie Johnson’s first goal for Greek club Aris. The service from Freddy Adu is, well, breathtaking. It just goes to show you that if he was always allowed to take five dribbles up the pitch with zero pressure while the fastest man on the field makes a run behind the defense, Adu would already be living up to the hype.


  1. Why is a post on a Philly Soccer blog about Adu?

    The reason alludes me.

  2. Have you ever played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? It’s exactly like that:

    Freddy Adu —> US Soccer Player —> USA —> Patriotism/National Pride —> Independence Hall —> Philadelphia —> PhillySoccerPage.com.

  3. Ed Farnsworth says:

    I think Snippy just got snapped.
    And I think he means “eludes.”

  4. I think snarky commenters is a good sign, right?

  5. Well, it’s a fair question that he asked. Here’s the short answer: MLS season hasn’t started yet. The Union are at a distant training camp, relatively closed off from their fan base. The local leagues and colleges are off for the winter.

    But soccer still goes on. We all still follow it. We continue to follow notable American players abroad.

    By the time late March rolls around, you’ll see a lot of changes here, including a much more local focus. But right now, locally, we’re all just shoveling snow. That means no local soccer and therefore a slightly different focus.

    (Yes, there is a long answer. That’ll come later. 😉 )

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