City Islanders Re-Sign 5, Fisher Retires, Schedule Announced

A little over a month before the Harrisburg City Islanders open camp on March 15th, the team is beginning to take shape. We already know that standout attacker Tiyi Shipalane will not be returning to the Isles as his contract was purchased by D.C. United.

Now add to that news that City Islanders original Steve Fisher is hanging up the boots after 6 seasons with the club. Fisher has been a stalwart at the front for the Islanders since 2004, and leaves the team ranked second all-time in both goals (16) and assists (17). The veteran presence and hard work of Steve Fisher will be hard to replace as he and Tiyi provided two strong offensive influences last season.

Where the Isles will not be looking to rebuild is up the middle and the back. Captain Dustin Bixler has re-signed  on the defensive line as has Anthony Calvano. The middle and wing will be held down by returning Islanders Jason Pelletier and David Schofield, the team’s all-time assist leader (22). Geoff Bloes, who brings both midfield and defensive skills has signed on for another campaign as well.

Several other Islanders are also rumored to be coming back, but this nucleus will provide a strong and experienced core to build from. There are also rumors of a “big signing” on the island, but we will have to see what pans out. It is also interesting to note that many of the consistent players for the Islanders over the years, including these re-signees, have ties to a regional high school or a college in Pennsylvania – the Islanders really are the hometown team.

Isles coaches and FO will be heading to Charleston, South Carolina for the annual USL Combine. More than 90 invitations have been dispersed to potential players and the Islanders should find a few recruits to bring back to Harrisburg. The Isles are looking to build off of a 12-9-4 season which saw them bounced from the playoffs by eventual champions Richmond. With a couple of open tryouts behind them and an eye on new talent, the Isles look to start 2010 off on the right foot.

Also of note, the USL-2 schedule has been released and is available on the team website here. Get excited soccer fans, the season is coming.

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