Tryouts – Pittsburgh Riverhounds Feb. 23-25th

In addition to their closed winter tryout in December, the Hounds are holding an open Pro-Combine from February 23rd-25th. The tryout does require fees and pre-registration but it is open to professionals, college players, and amatuers alike. You can find more information here on the team website.

Have you ever attended a pro-tryout? Philly Soccer Page wants to know. Drop us a line in the comments portion and we would love to feature local players trying to make it professionally.


  1. I’m a local player, and though I’m not “trying to make it professionally,” I did, for fun, attend the Union’s Philadelphia open tryout. Because there were so many people there (more than 1200 over two days, I believe), I’m not sure how well it mimicked other pro tryouts, but it was an interesting experience, for sure. Certainly worth the price of admission.

    • Will you be attending any other tryouts? Was it a one time thing?

      • I imagine it was a one-time thing. I went in with no expectations, just for the experience. I’m pretty much too old now, at 28 (and with no previous pro experience), to be worth much to a professional team, unless I was demonstrably better than any younger guys they might have or be trying out, and, let’s face it–I’m not.

        That said, in the US, the gap between the talented amateur and the professional player is not large, in my opinion, and that’s not meant to be a knock on the quality of the professional game here. Were I four or five or six years younger, I would certainly consider trying out again, perhaps for lower division teams. If you’re fit, smart, and coachable, I think the only thing stopping you from getting on a team is drive and commitment.

  2. i been playing soccer since 15 was on the jordanian national team then the canadian national mom and dad past away then i went to jail came out moved to the us,,now im trying to make a team..i was the captan of my 2 high school team..please some information

  3. Have a friend who is from ghana he is a professional footballer..he has played for several teams. Looking to play in the states. Any help in guiding him in the right direction. I am from pgh pa i am interested in the riverhound team dont know how to go about it..any suggestions..

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