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Landon Donovan Scores First For Everton (!!)

Our beloved Landycakes took one step closer to shutting up his critics, scoring his first ever league goal accross the pond in Everton’s 2-0 win over slumping Sunderland. It was a cool, comfortable finish, and any doubts that he can hang in the EPL are surely fading fast.

There is one question, however, that becomes bigger and bigger with every solid performance he puts in for Everton. What on earth would be the point of returning to MLS?

Donovan’s agent must be working feverishly to get the loan deal extended until the end of the EPL season. Every USMNT fan should hope so; surely it does Landon no good drop down a level (arguably more than a level) right before South Africa. You better believe he’s thinking the same thing.


  1. If he keeps playing like this, Everton has to try and keep him. He was invisible in his third game, but in his other three games, he’s produced. Everton looks like a totally different team from the one they put forth the first half of the season. Is it just Donovan? No. But he’s part of it.

  2. Agreed. He needs to stay. Unless signing it was a precondition for getting the loan to Everton, he should have waited on signing the MLS contract extension. Hopefully, Everton won’t balk at paying a transfer fee to keep him. He has certainly improved them, and they are doing the same for him and his career, no doubt about it.

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