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Cristiano Ronaldo – Please Shut Up


The $80 million man was sent off for the 2nd time this season in Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory over Malaga on Sunday. Ronaldo saw straight red for an elbow to the face of Patrick Mtiliga that broke Mtiliga’s nose and will force the defender to miss about three weeks. The elbow did not seem intentional, Ronaldo was trying to break away from the tackle (and slight shirt pull) of the defender. But he still made clean contact as he swung his elbow back and Mtiliga dropped like a ton of bricks and came up bleeding. The red card may be a little harsh considering the lack of intent and the fact that Ronaldo had not been booked in the match previously. But it is my understanding that players must be in control of their body and Ronaldo definitely did swing his elbow back wildly to escape the tackle. But my issue with the incident is the way Ronaldo has reacted in the press.

He has called the decision to send him off “shameful” and a “disgrace”. And today, he went on to rail against diving in La Liga, claiming that he was taught while in England to try to remain on his feet, and that is all he was doing when he hit Mtiliga. He has claimed, “”It was a shameful decision to send me off for that because all I was doing was trying was to hold the player off and it’s because I was educated not to dive and cheat in England.”  Ronaldo crying out against diving?  Really?  The pot calling the kettle black doesn’t even do it justice. Until his last days playing under Sir Rosy Cheeks, Ronaldo kept his reputation for going to ground too easily. And now we are supposed to believe him when he says “”Now I get really angry when I see other players cheating.”

Ronaldo did apologize to Mtiliga after the match, claiming the elbow was not intentional. And that is probably true. But he also claims “”It’s not my fault. He’s a little guy, about 5ft 7in, and that meant I caught his nose by accident.”  Even after he apologizes he finds a way to belittle his opponent and sound like an asshole.

The Spanish press is not impressed with the temper of the Portuguese star. The red card came in the 70th minute with Madrid having the game pretty much in the bag. Ronaldo had even scored both the goals, including a fabulous side footed half volley in the first half. Malaga currently rank 16th in the league, having only won 3 games from 19. Ronaldo’s first dismissal of the season came when he was shown two yellow cards in a game against 15th place Almeria, including one yellow for removing his shirt after scoring. The press called out the star on Monday claming [this is his] “”umpteenth act of idiocy this season” and “Cristiano Ronaldo, again angel and demon” and “Doctor Cristiano and Mister Ronaldo”. Marca columnist Roberto Palomar even called out the star by saying “Anyone who gets sent off against Almeria and Malaga with the match already won is a fool.”

No one can question the skill of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a superb player with so much natural ability. But until he begins acting like a professional (or hell, even an adult) he will have to answer questions about his mentality and his commitment to his team. He will be suspended for at least one match with Madrid already missing some of their attacking options having just sold Ruud van Nistelrooy to Hamburg and Gonzalo Higuain still out with an injury. Madrid currently sit 2nd behind rivals Barcelona, 5 pts adrift of the team that has yet to lose a match in La Liga this year.


  1. I love the line, “Even after he apologizes he finds a way to belittle his opponent and sound like an asshole.” Beautiful.

  2. great article. ronaldo complaining about diving is absurd. what makes it even better is that i don’t think he realizes how absurd it is. his self-reflection is more inaccurate than that of characters on “the real world.”

    nice caption to the photo as well.

  3. Mike Servedio says:

    I just don’t get what he is thinking sometimes. I watched that Madrid game this weekend and it was really crazy. He scored two really great goals in the first half (the 2nd one especially) and went and elbowed Mtiliga in the 2nd half. Malaga had nothing and Madrid was going to cruise for the final 20 minutes and probably create a few more chances. And he can”t accept any responsibly for it. I think thats the worst part. Well, that and the whining.

  4. Was anyone expecting any less, though? This is a guy with such a warped view of himself and the world as he relates to it that, after becoming the most expensive player in history, basically, said, “Of course I’m the most expensive player in history. Look at me, I’m gorgeous.” Or something like that. Tool. Talented tool, but tool nonetheless.

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