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Come on you Royals!

Rants and raves (but mostly rants) about following a 2nd division team.

Can we give the Liverpool win back?

I’d trade the win over Liverpool for points in the league any day of the week.  I was of course ridiculously excited when Reading knocked off Liverpool last week.  But if we come out and get played off the pitch for 60 minutes in the League four days later, what’s the point?  Such was the case this weekend, when (an admittedly in form) Nottingham Forest squad ran over the Royals for the entire first half and part of the second before going down to 10 men and allowing Reading into the game.  Listening on internet radio was tough with Forest creating chance after chance and goalkeeper Adam Federici doing his best to keep the game within reach.  It was universally agreed upon that the 2-0 Nottingham lead at the break was flattering for the visiting Royals.

There were a few changes in the side from the Liverpool victory with injuries to some key players from that win. Gylfi Sigurdson, whose spot kick in the 93rd minute tied the Liverpool game, was especially missed both on the left side of the midfield and for his PK taking abilities, as Brian Howard was stopped from the spot on 64 minutes.  The Royals debuted newly signed striker Gunnar Thorvaldsson, who played all 90 minutes and failed to head home two wide open chances.  Proving that, yes, he does in fact fit right in with the rest of the Reading strikers.

So back to the point.  I’d gladly take some points in the league over the Liverpool victory. It’s great to knock off a one of the big four.  And it’s great to advance in the FA Cup. But where does it lead? With a number of Premier League teams still hanging around in the FA Cup (including Arsenal and Chelsea), what shot do we really have? So let’s make a deal.  Give us say, 6 points (come on, it was Liverpool) in the League and let the pathetic Reds (yes we did see you draw Stoke on Saturday) advance in the FA Cup. Those 6 points could get us all the way up to…19th place.

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