African Cup of Nations Underway

On Sunday the 2010 African Cup of Nations kicked off with hosts Angola blowing a 4 goal lead against Mali in the final 12 minutes. Two early headers coupled with a pair of penalty kicks gave Angola a 4 goal cushion in by the 73rd minute, but Keita and Kanoute (fantastic headed goal) struck late to make it a two goal game. Then Keita again in the 93rd and Yattabare in the 94th gave Mali a share of the points.

Monday’s matchups featured the first game played in Cabinda province, where the Togolese team was attack on Jan. 8. Heavily favored Cote d’Ivoire could not force their way through a stout Burkina Faso defense. After the game, Didier Drogba admitted that it was hard to concentrate on soccer given the events of the previous week.

The other Monday game was a stage for underdog Malawi to flatten Algeria 3-0. Two first half goals sent Algeria reeling before Banda finished the game off three minutes into the second half.

Today’s games feature Group C competitors Egypt and Nigeria followed by Mozambique and Benin.

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