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Are you a hunter or a farmer? If so, then the Union wants you.

The team will be holding a job fair on Saturday, January 16 for sales (hunters) and service (farmer) representatives. They are looking for people with BAs and at least one year ticket sales experience at either the college or professional level. The fair will be invitation-only, but the team is accepting applications on their Careers page.

The Sales Department is also looking for a few good women to be part of Major Molly’s Army. Major Molly Pitcher was the knickname for a volunteer at the battle of Monmouth in 1778 who carried water to the troops – and caught George Washington’s eye. This is a volunteer position, with the possibility for paid appearances.

These jobs, and a few others, can be found online in a couple of different places. One, obviously, is on the Union website. The other is on the main MLS site. If you sign up to recieve notices, then they will alert you whenever a job becomes available with any team in the league.

It’s great daydreaming material when your boss gives you grief. Imagine the cool gear you’d get, too.

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