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World Cup Draw In Full

Here is the full draw for World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Check out Andrew’s awesome breakdown of USA’s Group C below:

Group A:
South Africa
Mexico – Will play the opening game of the Cup against the hosts.
France – We all knew France would get into S. Africa’s group, right?

Group B:
South Korea
Greece – I yawned when Greece was picked. It’s preparation for watching them play.

Group C:
England – Man, I hope the English wear red jerseys against the US.
USA – Get excited because they could advance in this group (and because Your Excitement correlates to Our Pageviews. Wink!)

Group D:
Serbia – Isn’t it weird how many countries end in letter A? No? Ok.

Group E:
Netherlands – The most talented European team has a tough group.
Denmark – The Danes are more talented and more disciplined than often given credit for.

Group F:
Italy – As usual, Italy will tie two of these teams and win the third. The big question is who will score their goals?
New Zealand
Slovakia – Martin Skrtel anchors a very tough back line. Lets all hope Slovakia and Greece never, ever play.

Group G:
North Korea – This group is the equivalent of UN sanctions for the North Koreans.
Cote d’Ivoire
– This is the toughest group, and Brazil is going to advance. Either Portugal or Ivory Coast could get to the final if they can make it out of here.

Group H:
Spain – All of your base are belong to Fernando Torres.

Chile – Watch all of Chile’s games if you like to see exciting soccer. Or listen to them if you like to hear it. I won’t judge.

FIFA’s Worldcupblog has generously added up each Group’s FIFA rankings to show which Group is the hardest:

Group A: 127
Group B: 94
Group C: 84
Group D: 84
Group E: 83
Group F: 145
Group G: 107
Group H: 74

It’s a poor system because an outlier (see: North Korea, Group G, ranked 84th) can significantly change a Group’s total, but at least it’s a system.

I did my own calculations and discovered that Guinness made in the past month features 100% more bitter tears.

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