College Soccer

Begin at the End and Start Again

Preseason camp. Two miles in ten minutes. Senior season. This is the year to make the NCAAs.
These, I’m guessing, were some of the thoughts swirling around in the back of my cousin, Chris Campell’s mind, as he and a couple of friends headed to the fields at Chestnut Hill College just a few days prior to preseason camp beginning at Franklin and Marshall College.
Warm up. Short field games. Go home and play basketball.
Once around the track.
Once around the track.
I was at work and the phone kept ringing. I had someone at my desk, so I wasn’t answering. Third time’s the charm: I picked up. Kiffy (Chris’s family nickname) died. Get out of work and get over to the house.
What do we do? It’s almost bearable when there’s something to do.
All state in high school. All conference in college. All around the world traveling.
And now memorialized forever on a field on the other side of the world.
Khayletshia Township. Ikhusi School. South Africa.
These are some of the places that I’ve come to know.
What is inside a soccer ball?
Transformation of the flesh and the spirit. And the power of the whole world.
CTC. Christopher Thomas Campbell. 10. Traditionally, the striker. Org. A group of men and women who want to make the light shine brighter in just one more child. A child who could change the world, just as our world was changed.
Check it out.

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