Template: Questions to answer

Your headline should read like this:

Union questions: Who will score the goals?


Open with an introduction, no more than 2-3 paragraphs or 150 words. This is where you frame the question and issue at hand.

Possible answers

Here, you break down the possible scenarios. Use bulletpoints, numbered lists and boldface/italics when it helps. For example:

C.J. Sapong

Sapong was hitting for a pretty good scoring rate (use specific stats when possible) till Vincent Nogueira left, at which point the team went from a side that could hold possession in the middle of the field to one that had its defenders kicking long to a target forward (Sapong) who then had to play more hold-up than ever before. This took him away from goal. The arrival of Haris Medunjanin could free Sapong to move into better scoring positions again.

Fabian Herbers

(insert why here)

Chris Pontius

(insert why here)

More goals from center backs on set pieces

(insert why here)

More goals from attacking midfield

(insert why here)

And so on.

NOTE: In this example, the answers are specific people. For other questions, they could be different answers. Be creative and original.


Break down some key variables that could make things break one way or another. (If you find that this section is redundant with what you’re writing elsewhere in this piece, don’t use it.)


Look ahead. How do you see this playing out? (You don’t need to make a prediction, but you can.) What variables and factors will determine matters, and how so? Etc.

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 600-900 words for this series.

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