Template: Player to watch

Brief into on player here, with some quick background and info on how he fits into the team. Keep this concise — 2-3 paragraphs, tops, no more than 150 words.

Why to watch

What makes him interesting? Why should we pay attention? Is he a talented rookie? A veteran seeking to hang on? Does he play a key role, and if so, what is it? Is he a major wild card? A question mark? Is he hugely important to the team? Break it down.

Break down some possible scenarios for how things might work out for him, and why that might be the case. For example, if it was Oguchi Onyewu, maybe it’s something like this:

Best case scenario

Onyewu stays healthy, starts 30 games, brings a strong, steady, veteran presence to the back line. Maybe he’s not as fast as he once was, but he doesn’t make the same mental or positioning errors, born of inexperience, that Josh Yaro and Ken Tribbett made last year.

Worst case scenario

Onyewu picks up a series of niggling injuries or, maybe worse still, stays healthy but is a shadow of his former self. (More details, etc., etc.)

(Optional other subtitle here)

(Is there another subtitle/section that fits? Another section? If so, add it, use it, place it where you see fit.)


Look ahead. What key factors will play a part in success/failure? What are the variables, if you haven’t already stated this? Do you have a prediction? (Mind you, you don’t need one.) Etc.