Style guide

A style guide is something newspapers and magazines use to give guidance on commonly misused grammar or terms or ways of writing things that are standard for PSP.

Editors should update this page regularly with additions. When in doubt, default to AP style.

  • How to write dates

Correct: Dec. 20
Correct: December 2016
Correct: Dec. 20, 2016
Incorrect: December 20, 2016

  • 18 years old vs. 18-year-old

Correct: Williams is 22 years old. Williams is a 22-year-old player. Williams is a 22-year-old.
Incorrect: Everything else.

  • Apostrophes and plurals: Do not use an apostrophe for a plural unless you are pluralizing an acronym. Even then, it’s sketchy.

Correct: The game had two MVP’s. (Even then, it’s also correct to say, “The game had two MVPs.”)
Incorrect: The Harrisburg Islander’s play on Sunday.

  • Philadelphia Union vs. the Philadelphia Union

Correct: Philadelphia Union and D.C. United play on Saturday.
Correct: The Union and D.C. United play on Saturday.

  • D.C. United vs. DC United

Correct: D.C. United
Incorrect: DC United

Player Names
  • C.J. Sapong vs. CJ Sapong

Correct: C.J. Sapong
Incorrect: CJ Sapong

  • Jack Elliott vs. Jack Elliot.

Correct: Jack Elliott (two Ls, two Ts)
Incorrect: Jack Elliot



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