Schedule: Season preview/opening week

Deadlines: Two days before it is due. For example, if your post runs Tuesday, please save a draft in the queue by Sunday. (The early deadline is because so many contributors are writing their first or second piece. This allows us time to answer questions as needed.) The day before it runs, please save it as Pending, as this moves it to a different queue for the editors.

Here are the assignments.

Series runs February 26 – March 2

Monday, Feb. 26
  • Why you should follow the Union this year – Chris Gibbons
  • What can we realistically expect from the Union this year — Dan
  • Readers poll — Dan
  • PSP Patreon Update — Pete / Dan
Tuesday, Feb. 27
  • Questions we’ve already asked (and the answers haven’t changed) – Pete Andrews
  • Staff roundtable panel, answering questions put forth – Pete Andrews, Adam, Nick, Dan, Jim, Steve, Ryan Rose (optional: Chris Gibbons, Christian Sandler, Tim Jones, Mike Servedio)
Wednesday, Feb. 28
  • Fans’ View: Matt Custer
  • Players to watch — Dan

Thursday, Mar. 1

  • What did the search for the No. 10 tell us about Jay Sugarman and the Union’s future? – Dan 
  • Who’s going to play the 10? The big question — Adam
Friday, Mar. 2
  • Five games to watch / schedule preview — Nick
  • Tactical preview — Adam