Articles written by: Scott Pugh

Scott is a pediatrician and father of two active boys (who he is teaching to say "American football" for the pointy ball sport). His love affair with the Union began while stationed in Italy with the Navy where his first memories of the team invariably include streaming games at 3am or cursing a buffering icon. He is still active in local men's soccer and very happy to be recently promoted to the OVER 35 leagues! You can follow him @spugger77

Fan Culture

River Cup 2013: Living the dream

PSP contributor Scott Pugh relates the anxiety and excitement that went into being selected for the Sons of Ben team for Sunday’s River Cup.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: What the YSC Academy tells us about our club

Scott Pugh says the new YSC Academy is a win-win for the Union ownership and Union fans.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: How to be a proper 12th man

The atmosphere at PPL Park can be very good, but Scott Pugh thinks it can still be a lot better.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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Fan’s View: It’s OK to step-over

Why is the step-over move so criticized by Philadelphia Union fans and observers? One fan poses the question and enters the creativity vs. efficiency debate.

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Fans View: Go for the win every time

One fan makes his case that teams should always go for the win, rather than the draw.