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In Pictures: Red Bulls 2-1 Union

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand as the Philadelphia Union fell 2-1 on the road to the Red Bulls. Here’s a look at what he saw.

RB001pRed Bull Arena

RB002pUnion head coach John Hackworth and assistant coach Rob Vartughian

RB003pSinging of the National Anthem

RB004pLast minute words for Captain Edu

RB005pThe meeting of captains

RB006pUnion starting XI

RB007pEric Alexander falls for the shoulder fake of Ray Gaddis

13888711982_a430bc38bf_bThierry Henry volleys one wide of goal

RB009pMaurice Edu clears one off the foot of Henry

13888688491_9e60a12b78_bCristian Maidana takes a shot

13912222334_a5bb1b1cac_bAaron Wheeler pushes one up the wing

13888675672_d9f5555b78_bAmobi Okugo takes on Bradley Wright-Phillips

13911783495_7e5f27a87e_bVincent Nogueira feeds one forward

RB014pHenry slides Wheeler

RB00fLeo Fernandes gets position and turns on Jamison Olave

RB016pAndrew Wenger tracks down a loose ball

RB018pFábinho holds off Kosuke Kimuro

RB019pEdu turns Peguy Luyindula and feeds Nogueira

RB020pFernandes takes a shot towards goal

RB021pLeo finds an opening in the defense

RB022pA wide open Henry finds the back of the net

RB023pLloyd Sam heads in another to make it 2-0

RB024pHenry looks to settle

RB025pThe French connection works up field

RB026pConnor Casey tries to find space

RB026apWhy do we never seem to have the advantage even up a man?

RB027pAntoine Hoppenot didn’t get many touches

RB028pMichael Lahoud working in the midfield

RB029pEdu gets a head on the ball

RB031pCasey sandwiched off the ball

RB032pOkugo hits one last ball up field before the final whistle

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.

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